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Train travel in Russia?

Asked by mike_lesa (1points) April 16th, 2018

I want to go to Russia this summer. What do I need to know about traveling by train on this country? Where is it better to buy train tickets?

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Train tickets could probably be online or at a train station.
Here is a site

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I’m thinking this is an ad for a travel agency, but if not, go with @SergeantQueen

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One thing that isn’t clear from the OP.

Is he wanting to take the train from other city in Europe to Russia? (if so, which city?) Or is he planning to fly into Russia and then do domestic travel inside the country? The reason this is important has to do with the originating country and the rules surround ticket purchases.

Or, as @snowberry says, this could be a Spam setup.

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@elbanditoroso Yeah, I was looking and there are a lot of international train rides.

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^Does Russia gives visa on arrival for European countries or need prior visa? In case anyone is aware.!

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I know Germany has something that allows you access to all European countries? so maybe Russia has a thing similiar?

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Not sure it is still true, but I remember reading some years back that Russian train tracks are not all at the same width, so there are places where everybody has to get off, walk from here over to there, and get on a different train.

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