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What should I call my horror story?

Asked by horrorartist1 (4points) April 16th, 2018

So I’m creating a story about a little girl finding an abandoned school in the woods. Also it’s a psychological horror. So could I have some help?

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Into the Woods.
School in the Woods

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Gina’s Lesson

or maybe

First Day of School

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This synopsis is too generic. It can describe literally anything.

The most important thing is, have you written the story yet? Ever heard of “working title”? That’s a temporary title for a story. Many writers leave their stories unnamed and focus on finishing it before giving it a proper title because a title is a summary of all the theme of the story.

Literally thousands of stories can start with the same synopsis, but no story is exactly alike because each have one unique thing in it. What does your story have that sets it apart from thousands of stories about creepy school?

Focus on finishing the story first then think of a name later.

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Murdered by the Class Clown

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Class Dismembered.

Playtime is Over.

Halls of Ivy, Shadows of Fear.

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I usually wait until after I’ve written something before deciding on a title, and usually make it something more about the themes (which you haven’t really told us about) than the plot.

I would hope that the story itself, when completed, would inspire a title about something more than what you’ve given us to go on.

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Schooled! (that’s my cheesy submission haha)
Teachers Pet

I’d try to find something in a nursery rhyme or some sort of tie in:

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The Beheadmaster.

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Hell School

Seriously though, finish the work before you worry about titling.

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I’m dying to read it.

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Finding an abandoned school in the woods

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Creature’s Pet

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@Elbandit Me too, maybe we can offer free proofreading in exchange!

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I’ll use The Beheadmaster. Thanks you guys!

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You might come up with a different title once the story is complete.

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Maybe you could read some books about Horror Asylums and Children like Asylum by Madeline Roux. Or I like to write out or draw what ever is in my head to clear it.. and sometimes while I’m thinking or doing something else I will come across a good idea. Psychological Horror would have a big twist like maybe the reader thinks the girl is innocent and she is really a monster?? Then you could name your book “Hope for the Dead, School of Innocents, School of Whispers.. or I don’t know

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