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How much pizza and soda would you order for 90 people?

Asked by answerjill (6183points) April 16th, 2018

The people are all adults. Thanks!

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Thanks, CWOTUS! I was also thinking something like this: If adults might eat 3 pieces per person, then that is 270 pieces. If the pies are 8 slices, then that would be around 34 pies.

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90 pizzas, and 90 litres.

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@ragingloli Most American pizzas are not personal pizzas and have 8 to 10 slices in them.

@answerjill Your estimate sounds good. Some adults will eat only two and some might want four slices so figuring an average of three sounds fine. In terms of the soda, I would probably get about 12 -15 three quart bottles mixed between soda and seltzer or water.

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Thanks, janbb!

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@answerjill You might want at least one veggie pizza just in case.

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Many will be veggie—this is Cambridge, MA!

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@RedDeerGuy1 is right, there is always one in every crowd.

Would it kill you to eat a supreme with meat just once in your life and not ruin it for the rest of the carnivores?

(and order one with pineapples too, for me)

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@RedDeerGuy1 I’m sure with 30 + pies to order, she will order a variety to suit the needs of the guests.

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Why would I want to eat something I don’t like @rojo?

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If this is at MIT, make sure that the pies are squared.(πr^2)

Seriously – almost any pizza place will have guidelines that they have developed over the years.

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Here’s good Info on things to consider while ordering for large group.

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I would bump up what is suggested by about 20% to be safe. And if there are leftovers you can take them home. This assumes someone else is paying the bill.

And each pizza is different. If we compare a large two topping Dominos to the same large two topping at pizza hut… I can eat double the slices of the Dominos. Less cheese and a lighter crust.

I would order way more than you need because it is cheap and it sucks to run out leaving people wanting.

If there is some left you could put out sheets of foil so people can take home the leftovers.

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If they are 16” pies I would say 4 people per pizza. So, 23 pizzas, maybe make it 25 to be safe. If they are 14” (some restaurants 14” is their largest size) then you need more.

Will pizza be the only food? If other nosh, sides and desserts will be available then you can reduce the pizza count possibly.

Funny story: when I first arrived in MI for college I quickly learned that their “regular” pizza is pepperoni pizza. I used to joke about it. In NY not everyone ordered pepperoni. Anyway, several months after living there I went to a pool party and they ordered in 8 pizzas—all pepperoni! I couldn’t believe it. Yes, there was a vegetarian present, and yes I do prefer many other toppings to pepperoni. I couldn’t believe someone would order 8 pizzas all the same toppings for a group of people.

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If the pizza is radius z and height a then that gives a total volume of pi.z.z.a

If the pi are square cut into 4 isosceles triangles then divide each into 2 right triangles

If the number of people is x then let the only choice of food be y

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^lol..You have transformed this into mathematical equation..)

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@rojo I’m not a vegetarian. I just don’t want spicy sausage on my pizza. I prefer ham and pineapple. @answerjill Tell is how the party was.

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@RedDeerGuy1 – Unfortunately, I will not be present at the party! I am ordering this stuff on behalf of my boss for a group of people.

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Update: The guy at the pizza place suggested 28–30 pies, so I went with 30.

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^^What size are they? I’m
Just curious, I’m not questioning the suggested quantity.

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I would assume larges.

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^^That’s not specific enough. I have a few places here that calls their large 14”. In NYC, large is 16” I think there is even 18”. Some places have XL, which is the NYC size typically, but many places don’t even make their pizzas that big. The size of the slice is quite different from a 14” to a 16”, and especially 18”. My guess is it’s at least 20% more pizza in a slice from 14” to 16”, but I didn’t calculate the geometry. You need at least 16” to sell by the slice, and most people wouldn’t eat more than 2 slices “by the slice” sizes at a party I would think.

Like I said, I’m not trying to argue with the suggested amount by the pizza place, I’m just curious about how they calculated it.

My experience is off the coasts, and in the south, the larges are often 14” and they don’t even offer a 16”

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Well, fuck @JLeslie!!! Every pizza place has different sizes and what does it matter if some places have larger pizzas than others? ??? Generally speaking, buying in bulk is cheapest.

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^^The size matters for the calculation of how many to buy. 14” an adult can easily eat half the pizza. 16” many people will only eat ¼ or ⅓.

The 16” is a lot more food. I don’t know why that’s difficult for you to understand.

It’s like saying personal pan 8” or 12” medium pizzas what’s the difference? Of course there is a big difference.

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Ok, I googled. This link says a 16” pie is 31% bigger than a 14”. Even more than I guessed.

So, if you need twelve 14” for example, then you only need nine 16”. More or less.

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@JLeslie – I ordered larges. According to the pizzeria website: “Our Regular pizza is a thin-crust or Neapolitan pizza. They come in 2 sizes: small (12” in diameter) and large (16” in diameter). The small is suitable for 1 to 2 people while the large feeds 2 to 4 people.”

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^^Thanks. Interesting that they sell just two sizes.

I never had heard of a personal pizza until I moved away from NY. Maybe that’s what it was in NY typically 12” or 16”?

I think you’ll have more than enough food with what you ordered.

I just made a frozen pizza! I think this Q gave me the craving.

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@answerjill – so when is the event? Did you order enough? Did people go hungry?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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Inquiring minds want to know how many pineapple pizzas you ordered and is there some left for me.

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@elbanditoroso – The event was today, but it was not my event. I need to wait to hear back from my boss about how it went. Stay tuned!

@Dutchess_III – If I remember correctly, 2 had pineapple and 3 had both pineapple and ham.

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Just as an aside, I have never before in my life spent $810 at one time on pizza and soda! Good thing that I am not the one footing the bill! (But really, that just comes down to $9 per person, so not bad I think.)

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LOL! And…how’d it go? Was there much left over?

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I’m thinking at least a few pizzas were left over, unless the party was 4+ hours and people got hungry again. Lol. That would be me.

Let’s take bets. Winner gets pancakes.

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@JLeslie – Haven’t gotten word about how much was left yet, but I’d rather err on the side of ordering too much. This was for students at a law school. Whenever a class or party has left-overs, they get placed in the student lounge and it is pretty much a free-for-all!

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@answerjill I agree! Better too much than too little. I’m sure it eventually all was eaten.

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