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Do you thank Alexa, Google, Siri, etc. when she answers your question?

Asked by LuckyGuy (36021points) April 16th, 2018

When I ask about directions or the weather and get an answer, I say “Thank you.” I can’t help it. It’s almost involuntary for me.

Do you think Amazon, Google, Apple, etc… are listening and keeping track?
What would they do with the data?

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I always say “please” and “thank you”, I appreciate all the things my little talking hockey puck tells me!
I figure that I am so easily surveilled in a regular sense, I have a cellphone, a laptop, and a tablet. I go out into the world, I use credit cards and ATMs and drive down streets with traffic cams, and drive through toll booths.

When they come for me, I hope I’ll get brownie points for geniality and politeness. :-)

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It depends, sometimes I say other things. Of course they are listening and keeping track. I don’t think they are doing anything with that kind of data yet except developing witty answers.

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No. I don’t use them.

I think part of this stems from the fact that I talk to myself a lot when walking around. And I always have. I was endlessly mocked in K-12 for talking to myself while walking around. I don’t make sounds. I just have mouth moving conversations with myself while trying to solve problems.

So the last thing I actually want to do is make real noises when talking into the air.

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I say bye-bye to the anchor woman in Global news.

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@johnpowell I do the exact same thing, always have. My wife thinks it’s nuts but the amount of techie people that do this leads me to believe that those of us that do are somewhere on the autism spectrum and it’s a workaround for said defect. Just my theory anyway I don’t know for sure why.

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~ I was thinking that a dating app could use the data to help make a “politeness quotient” that might be used for a match up .

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Hey, @LuckyGuy, heal up first before you start dating!!! ;-)

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^^ Ah – I’ll take him as he is! :-) I’d had the most efficient house in New Jersey; BTUs calculated to the nth!

I do say “Please” and “Thank you” to Alexa.

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It’s like saying “Thank You” to ATM machine for dispensing cash for you. So no..I don’t do that.

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I don’t have any of those. But. I have a related story.

My friend worked at an AT&T call center. They had an automated system that guided you to the appropriate representative. It was a female voice, but obviously just a computer program. Keep in mind, I live in the south (lots of us say yes ma’am etc.)
The system had constant problems understanding people, because people didn’t just say “yes,” or “no.” They said “yes ma’am,” or “no ma’am.” The computer wasn’t programmed to understand that. So the program had to be redesigned.

I do have an interesting relationship with my GPS. Sometimes I talk nice to her. Other times, I am closer to an abusive husband. On any given day, I might call her “babe,”“sweetheart,” or “bitch.”

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I say thankyou to several inanimate objects, including my toaster. I also say I’m sorry when I make a mistake in solitaire.

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