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Is anyone else enjoying our travels in Hyderabad this morning?

Asked by janbb (59198points) April 18th, 2018

Which do you enjoy more – the fine tailoring, the hotels or the suggested reading?

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I’m very appreciative of the microwave repair shops.
Edit to add: Especially the LG ones.

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I was interested in the reading material they suggested I read.

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I’ve heard that the long lines of tourists and visitors to the magnificent Appliance Service Center exceed the crowds at the Taj Mahal.

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As you may have guessed, it is the exquisite cuisine that gets me all giddy.

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Defecation free? So, pooper scoopers are selling well.

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@Patty_Melt if they are defecation free, that would mean they’re severely constipated. Expect to hear lots of loud groaning. I suggest ear plugs.

Here’s an array to fit every style, and taste.

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^^ Laughing, with gurgle sounds.

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If loving Hyderabad is bad, I don’t wanna be good!....

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Another spam came in this morning. This one offers a “dedicated server for your business”. I have a better idea. Offers a full line of dedicated servers, and as many as you want! Let’s see. I’ll need someone to tend my yacht, another to bring my coffee, boss the cook, and do the chores, one to manage the household expenses, and another to manage my schedule.

Yeah. That should do it.

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It’s another beautiful morning in Hyderabad. The sun is shining and the Appliance Centre has opened for business. Life is good.

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Yes the Appliance Service Center. God’s in His heaven….

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All Washing Machines are in BALANCE.

All is right in Hyderabad !

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