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If a movie studio were to try and make The Avengers: Infinity Wars in the 1940's, who would they cast?

Asked by filmfann (44944points) 1 month ago

Gary Cooper as Captain America?
Humphrey Bogart as Iron Man?
Errol Flynn as Star Lord?

Have fun with it!

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Leni Riefenstahl as director.

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I’ve never seen an Avengers movie and I thought there would be about five characters. But holy moly is there any fictional character that ISN’T in this?


Burt Lancaster worked as a circus acrobat before he was in the movies. Which would suggest Spiderman, but I think of Spiderman as being lithe and Lancaster was more beefcake. So Thor.

Burt Lancaster and Ava Gardner – Thor and Black Widow
Rita Hayworth – Scarlet Witch
Veronica Lake – Black Widow (although she has an awesome Black Widow costume already )

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correction: Veronica Lake – Gamora

She has the Black Widow-ish costume but she’s more willowy like Zoe Saldana.

Again, I haven’t read comic books in decade or seen the movies, I am googling for pics and comparing the 40s actors to the present-day people.

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William Holden – Iron Man
Joseph Cotten – Bruce Banner
Gary Cooper – Thor
Errol Flynn – Captain America
Farley Granger – Star Lord
Ernest Borgnine – Ant-Man
Marlon Brando – Doctor Strange
Anthony Perkins – Spider-Man
Ingrid Bergman – Black Widow

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