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If a movie studio were to try and make The Avengers: Infinity Wars in the 1940's, who would they cast?

Asked by filmfann (45678points) April 20th, 2018

Gary Cooper as Captain America?
Humphrey Bogart as Iron Man?
Errol Flynn as Star Lord?

Have fun with it!

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Leni Riefenstahl as director.

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I’ve never seen an Avengers movie and I thought there would be about five characters. But holy moly is there any fictional character that ISN’T in this?


Burt Lancaster worked as a circus acrobat before he was in the movies. Which would suggest Spiderman, but I think of Spiderman as being lithe and Lancaster was more beefcake. So Thor.

Burt Lancaster and Ava Gardner – Thor and Black Widow
Rita Hayworth – Scarlet Witch
Veronica Lake – Black Widow (although she has an awesome Black Widow costume already )

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correction: Veronica Lake – Gamora

She has the Black Widow-ish costume but she’s more willowy like Zoe Saldana.

Again, I haven’t read comic books in decade or seen the movies, I am googling for pics and comparing the 40s actors to the present-day people.

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William Holden – Iron Man
Joseph Cotten – Bruce Banner
Gary Cooper – Thor
Errol Flynn – Captain America
Farley Granger – Star Lord
Ernest Borgnine – Ant-Man
Marlon Brando – Doctor Strange
Anthony Perkins – Spider-Man
Ingrid Bergman – Black Widow

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