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Who is the most in debt person in history ?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13191points) April 20th, 2018

Not just being broke, but being the most in debt? Alive or dead.

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Eve. She owes a debt to every human ever, having robbed us of Eden, and and left us all to suffer her poor judgement.

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Impossible to answer.

First, are you talking ‘most debt in total dollars or pence or drachmas or rubles’? As in – total amount owed?

Or are you talking “most debt with respect to percentage of income”? As in, I made $100/week but I owe $95/week -

And are you talking 2018 dollars or are you asking about people in history? Andrew Carnegie owed a lot of money in 1900 – but dollars were worth a different amount then.

And are you talking about people/humans? Or are you throwing corporations into the mix?

As asked, the question cannot be answered.

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The Purple Man from “Jessica Jones”. He brainwashes people into doing anything he wants, and never pays for anything.

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@elbanditoroso – I don’t know the answer to this but I think he’s specified couple of things which you’re asking for. As mentioned he’s asking for person dead/alive so not considering corporation for sure and in the past as well. If you consider current dollar value as base other currencies can be converted easily for comparison. I’m not sure about how someone can compare dollar value 50/100 years back with current value though so I can’t comment on that. But other than that rest of the things should be straight forward.

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