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Why is my laptop able to connect with mobile hot spot fine but not detecting broadband network?

Asked by imrainmaker (8339points) April 21st, 2018

What might be the reason? I checked with another laptop and verified it was able to connect with broadband network so no issue with that.

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If you’re seeing the network name on the other laptop (meaning it’s broadcasting the name), I’d guess the router is using a different standard than the laptop is. Usually that means one is old and the other is newer.

Sometimes you can update one or the other to fix it, sometimes you can’t, depending on how old the standard they’re using is and what the hardware limits are.

If you’re not seeing the name of the network on either (try removing it from the working one) then it’s just not broadcasting the name and there’s an easy way to add hidden networks depending on your OS. Do a search for “add hidden SSID in <your operating system>” on google and I’m sure you’ll find instructions.

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It might be connecting to an open wifi network (no password needed) but the internet is still blocked until you log in.

For example, I go to Home Depot and my phone connects to the AT&T wifi.

But there is no internet connection until I open a browser, and it takes me to a Terms of Service page, and I click on “I agree”.

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Sometimes back I was able to connect with this laptop to the same network. Interestingly it shows some other names in the available network list excluding this one. I haven’t changed any settings either.

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What have you tried and when did it stop connecting? Is it your network? Have you tried restarting everything involved (laptop, router, modem, etc)

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