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Has anyone supported an adult child through their marriage breakdown?

Asked by Adagio (13805points) April 21st, 2018

Has anyone supported their adult child through a marriage breakdown, when their own child is the instigator? There is no third-party involved. There are no children involved. The partner is much loved by me and is a wonderful person, an honourable person from a wonderful family. As the parent, I am enormously sad about this and struggling to come to terms with it. I will support my child wholeheartedly, but feel so sad for both of them. I would like to interact via PM rather than “publicly” on the website. I’m really only looking for people who have been in this position themselves.

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I am almost ready to close down my computer and won’t be on it again until around midday NZ time. I really hope someone who has been through a similar situation is prepared to have a “conversation” with me. Many thanks.

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My last parent died six weeks after my Ex moved out so my situation is different but if I can help, feel free tp PM.

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Many many people. I supported a child who was the instigator but I was praying for her to leave him . A very different situation.

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