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Why is my computer going crazy?

Asked by augustlan (47745points) August 17th, 2008

All of a sudden, my pc has these issues: ads on internet explorer keep popping up on my screen for several seconds – even when I’m not actively online, my “game launcher has encountered a problem and needs to close” – multiple times, things are slow, and it’s just being generally uncooperative. Mind you, I did have a lapse in my security software (CA Anti-Virus), and I renewed it today. Ran a scan & removed/quarantined problems, but it’s all still happening. Why does it hate me so?

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Sounds like a browser hijacker.
Have a look at manage add ons in the tools menu of internet explorer. See if you see some thing you don’t recognise (ie not flash, quicktime, adobe reader etc). If there is google the name to see what it is and if its suspicious then disable it.

In my experience these things are an absolute bugger to get rid of completely.

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I use a cocktail of virus/spyware tools: StopZilla, CC Cleaner and RegCure. I run these things regularly and they are the best mix I have found to date. I used to use Spysweeper in place of StopZilla but had issues with the newest version.

I had thes same problems you had…and don’t have them any longer…good luck!

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Thanks, guys.

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