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Have you ever renounced anything?

Asked by Jeruba (51915points) April 22nd, 2018

Given it up. Forgone. Relinquished. Sworn off. Quit.


I mean really sworn off, not like giving up candy for Lent or forgoing the drink before dinner while your partner’s on the wagon. Not even like cutting back on salt because your doctor said to.

More like renouncing a religion or (conversely) renouncing worldly things in favor of religion. Renouncing the consumption of meat. Renouncing an ideology or an affiliation. That sort of thing.

What was the reason or the goal, and have you stuck to it?


Tags as I wrote them: renunciation, sannyasi, sacrifice, lifestyle, commitment.

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Yes, Christianity.

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Does quitting smoking count? I quit because I promised a loved one I would, soon after the death of her husband (another loved one) of metastatic lung cancer. I probably wouldn’t have, otherwise.
I also renounced any rights I may have had to family property (no small thing) when I estranged myself from my mother.

I’m not sure if those are examples of what you mean.

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I gave up smoking at the age of 21 because I wanted to have a child and was not prepared to smoke through a pregnancy. It took 5 years to conceive but I have never smoked since making that decision age 21.

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Those are all examples of exactly what I mean.

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Cranberries and hummus. I also renounced jumping through hoops in university and I don’t do math tricks to impress people anymore. Am considering staying Mgtow until I am financially ahead enough to afford kids and have enough maturity not to get hurt anymore.

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All Theism. (Starting with the Catholic Church.)

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Yes, soda pop. Back around 1994, I read an article about how awful it was and just quit cold turkey. Only drank water and coffee after that.

Also, alcohol and drugs. I come from a family of addicts so why tempt fate?

More recently, fake sugar (Splenda, Stevia, Sugar Twin, etc.). They are so bad for us and were messing up my stomach. I drink my coffee with just milk now and won’t eat “Sugar Free” anything.

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I renounced eating meat for a year or two (IIRC) after seeing a documentary about industrial meat practices. I later relented and now just try to stick to humanely-raised meat.

I used to swear off cola and caffeine, and drank lots of 7-UP (NOT Sprite or Squirt!) but I renounced that and took up caffeine and coffee in college. Later I renounced sodas after getting a kidney stone that I think was related to drinking too much Splenda sodas.

I “preemptively renounced” (if that counts) all smoking and recreational drugs (never did any at all other than alcohol, rarely and almost always in moderation).

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I renounced lying for a whole year. I don’t remember how it turned out. Lots of customers labeled me a honest man ever since.

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I gave up self denial as part of my Lenten observation but, being quite the recidivist, I resumed the habit.

Another time I renounced asceticism and so far so good although later I realised I was confusing it with aestheticism and athleticism.

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Veal. I never buy it, I never order it. I stopped eating veal in my 20’s (I’m 50 now). I heard how the babies are mistreated on many commercial farms and I swore off eating it forever more. I know of two instances that I have eaten veal since I swore it off. One time at a restaurant in VT, it was ground with beef in the meatballs, and I didn’t know until after the fact. I would not have ordered them if I had known. The other time at someone’s house I tasted the osso bucco before I knew what it was, because my husband was raving about it. These events stick with me, because it means so much to me not to break my promise to not eat veal.

I quit caffeine also, but not to the extreme of the veal example, so I don’t know if it counts. I used to drink Coke (it had to be Coke) daily since I was a young child. In my early 30’s I quit. Coke was my main vice, but I also used to enjoy tea now and then both iced and hot. Restaurants never have decaf Coke or iced tea. When they have decaf hot tea it’s almost always some sort of flavor, which is not my cup of tea. I don’t drink caffeine free Coke much anyway, it’s just not the same.

I do cheat sporadically regarding the ban on caffeine, and I still eat chocolate, so it’s not a complete and total renouncement of caffeine, but considering Coca-cola was such a part of my life, it was a drastic change. My husband is still shocked I did it, and that I basically stick to it.

In my 20’s I gave up dairy for about two years. I even ordered pizza with no cheese back then. I had a lactose intolerance at the time. Lactaid pills helped immensely, but for those two years I just gave up the dairy altogether. I think dairy is bad for us anyway, I have been thinking of banning it in my diet again.

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The creators of Lactaid should be beatified, as far as I’m concerned.

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Anything produced by crApple.

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I’ve sworn off of McDonald’s multiple times. I occasionally go into one if there’s nothing else available. I immediately remember why I hate them once I walk through the door.

I boycott Chik-fil-a, and BP, but that may be different.

Oh yeah. Scotch. I might try it again some day. I haven’t had any in years. The smell reminds me of the sickest I’ve been from alcohol…

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