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Should immortals, like Thor , get a seniors discount at the theater?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13221points) April 22nd, 2018

He’s 5,000 years old. Does he qualify for a seniors discount?

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old people get discounts, because they are more likely to be poor.
thor is not poor, so no.

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@ragingloli Thanks. GA! Makes sense. Very thoughtful.

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Even if the Odinson gets an old folks discount at the theater, he still has to buy a separate ticket for Mjolnir.

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No, because immortals don’t grow old.

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Well, sure! They don’t hold regular jobs and they don’t have SS numbers and/or get SS, Medicare, or Medicaid. So why not show them a little love??

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I would argue that being 5,000 years old is way older than what most people would consider “senior” so yea. I think he would get one. Immortality aside.

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It starts getting complex when your criteria become more complex. What about the lesser gods like Freyr. Hell Freyr even gets killed by Surt. Seems like mortality should have some rewards.

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