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When was the last time you were carded?

Asked by Dutchess_III (38442points) April 22nd, 2018

Last time was in 1995. I was 35 years old, but actually looked quite a bit younger. Dude asked for some ID and I asked if a picture of my infant grandson would do. SMH.

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When I was 23. I have been going to sports bar hopping bar hopping with my dad since I was 15. I didn’t drink just ate chicken wings and played the multiple choice online game.

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Last year, I’m old enough to remember Truman as President. The reason given was insurance and they had recently sold to an under-age person and were caught by the authorities !

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I’ve never been carded.

On my 21st birthday my brother in law asked me to go buy some bear. My ID was not checked then or ever.

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About 3 years ago. I was 52, and buying some decongestant cough medicine. You only have to be 18 to buy it.

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Well, you should be at least 21 to buy a bear!

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I just got a valid ID a few years ago because getting carded was hit and miss. I still get carded and I am 40. When I didn’t have a valid ID I barely ever shaved since when I am rocking a beard I don’t get carded.

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Some grocery stores here card everybody rather than make the employees make a judgment call. I’m in my mid-50s and look it.

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Grocery store when I buy alcohol. I think I bought beer sometime in 2017. They have to scan your ID for the register to accept the beer transaction I think, so it has nothing to do with whether you look old enough or not.

At a club/bar situation I think it was ten years ago in TN. That was weird. I was around 40 years old. They card everyone though. The place is actually a restaurant with a bar. They card when you first enter, because it’s a place that allows smoking.

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When my head is shaved, I get carded a lot. I keep it clipped, because my hair is mostly grey, and white now (on my head.)

I look much younger than I am, until you see the white…

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Someone carded me a year ago.

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I would add that people get carded, for multiple reasons. It’s not just an age thing…

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I get carded all the time at chemist shops.

I have that happy knack: the verve, panache and aplomb, to display a demeanour that demands – lock up your ephedrine and codeine.

Clubs “card” people so they have reliable recourse in the event of an incident.

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I get in free or half price to many Chinese museums and tourist attractions due to my age It’s a bit disappointing when they give a glance and apply the discount without even asking to see proof of age.

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I got carded yesterday, in my county they card everyone.

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I was 43, and quite flattered.

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