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Does Bob Casta's write what he says?

Asked by simone54 (7629points) August 17th, 2008

He’s so good. I’m wondering, take tonight for example, when he closed the swimming for the night, very good. Does he write that stuff? does he just make it up on the spot? or does someone else write it?

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I have wondered that myself. He is a sharp fella regardless.

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He has won two Emmy’s for sports writing, so I would assume so.

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Yes, Bob Costas does write his own sports commentary…he does the sports section of the news for my local NBC affiliate (KNBC-TV Los Angeles).

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To echo what others have said, yes, he does. And in my opinion, he’s quite gifted at it.

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I think he is really cool. I think he comes across smart and aware of what has been done without being cliche about it.

He also has a GREAT sense of humor.

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Hahah yeah he’s funny. I liked him on the Central African Republic at the opening ceremonies. “In case you were wondering, they [the Central African Republic] are a Republic in Central Africa.”

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