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Superman vs. Cthulhu: Who would win?

Asked by Yellowdog (6037points) April 22nd, 2018

In truth. I doubt Superman could really do all he did in the 1978 Christopher Reeve movie—not that he lacks strength or power but is physically too small to be in all the necessary places at once.

But then again, we do see superheroes putting whole planets back together in some comics—never mind the fact that superman lost a prize fight to Mohammad Ali back in a 1976 comic book

But what if we pit Superman, or any other superhero, against Great Cthulhu or any other superheroes against the cosmic horrors of the Great Old Ones. I know the Great Old Ones cannot die or be destroyed but could they at least be stopped or imprisoned a few more aeons?

Anyone may answer of course— but it will help the discussion if you are familiar with the very strange writings of H.P. Lovecraft and his ilk. or played the role-playing games by Chaosium.

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I’m not much into superhero comics, but I think the only effective defense the superheroes I know of (including Superman in the 1978 film) would have against Cthulhu, would be not being in a Lovecraftian universe. Even Superman’s 1978 time-reversal stunt (which makes no sense BTW) would really help against an incomprehensibly old and transcendentally powerful entity which defies comprehension and brings insanity to those who glimpse the beginnings of awareness of what even its minions are.

The only hope against Cthulhu is that it doesn’t exist, or that you may die in ignorance.

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Excellent answer.

Actually, I thought (in Superman’s time-reversal stunt) that every time Superman flew in reverse over the International Date Line, that he’d be one day earlier—putting him about 64 days into the past.

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Superman, because he will pull some new, previously unseen power out of his anus.

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Superman, because he has the incredible super power of writers who give him whatever superpower he needs at any given time. Frankly, I’m not sure why they don’t just cut to the chase and rename him God already.

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