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The Nashville Waffle House shooter took off his clothes before shooting people. Why?

Asked by elbanditoroso (24745points) April 23rd, 2018

Any amateur psychologists in the house?

What’s the message being sent when you take off your clothes before killing people? Is it some sort of ‘cleansing’ ritual? Could it be an effort to go back to birth (when you were naked) ands return to the safety and security of the womb?

The weird thing to me in this shooting is the whole ‘get undressed before shooting’ – it has some meaning but I don’t know what.

By the way, the Nashville shooting was another shining victory for the NRA and its support of AR-15 firearms. Hope they are happy today.)

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He didn’t want to get blood on his clothes?
His father is a “Winner”, he gave the AR-15 back to him after the courts took them away.

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Maybe he didn’t want to get blood on his clothes.

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@chyna You owe me a Coca-Cola. ;>)

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@TropicalWillie. Great minds!

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I don’t think it’s that deep. He was naked, then put on a vest to carry more ammo.

A lot of people sleep naked, it was 3am, he obviously wasn’t thinking about what people might think of him. From what I understand, he went home, put on some pants (no shirt) and went into the woods.

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Unless he stashed some dry clothes somewhere, he’s freezing his ass off. It was chilly and hard steady rain all night and all day yesterday.

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Nothing that I’ve read makes it seem planned or thought through. He shot up a place there would be people late at night, shortly after bars close on a Saturday night, that was close to his home. That’s about as dumb as it gets.

He was drunk and angry. Maybe he has a place to hide in those woods, but beyond that, he probably got a text message he didn’t like or saw some girl he liked kissing someone else. This wasn’t even as prepared as a gas station hold up, so without more information, I think looking for deeper meaning or thought is probably a waste.

An dumb angry kid, who without a gun would either sleep it off or lose a fight, instead killed 4 people.

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“nothing left to lose”

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Murdering diners in a restaurant with an AR-15 seems almost normal behaviour in the US these days while being naked — well that really is shocking.

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He was paranoid & irrational. Can’t put a rational spin on it.
The FBI & his dad should be charged as accessories before the fact.

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I just figured he’s nuts. That’s my explanation.

I’m not surprised at all that mentally unstable people have guns. I saw a ton of this in TN. Many of the mentally ill people treated at my hospital owned guns. They had it for protection. The very often did live in dangerous neighborhoods. I found it frightening and sad and I understood also. Don’t mistake my understanding as defending their right to have a gun, I’m only saying it’s more of a tricky issue than people realize. The mentally ill are more likely to be attacked or harm. They are more likely to live in bad neighborhoods.

Many of these mass murderers have been middle class white men. The people I saw at the hospital were a mix of black and white people, but the black people tended to be poorer, and tended to answer that there was a gun in their house. Maybe they were just more honest.

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At one time he also went to a local pool in womens’ clothing, stripped to his underwear and jumped in the pool. He then exposed himself to the lifeguards and told them he was a man. He had a gun in the trunk of his car when he did this. He also thought Taylor Swift was stalking him.

His family is from a town near me. The town I graduated high school from. There’s a large religious population in that town. His mother believed school shootings are common now because God was taken out of schools.

The family is nuts. I don’t think there’s any deeper meaning to him removing his pants before killing those at the waffle house.

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@elbanditoroso His apartment was nearby. He went to his apartment after the shooting, put pants on, then fled into the woods.

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He was exercising his right to bare arms.

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Nutzoid. Total nudist fruitcake.

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What is making these mental cases come out of the wood work lately??
The guy had to be more than just drunk to strip down before going on a shooting spree.
There must be some kind of drugs involved as well.

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Fluoride in the water.
Or the Vaccines.
Or the Chemtrails.

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He also came to his father’s work while wearing a pink dress, and insisting Taylor Swift was stalking him.
The NRA insists that the constitution protects cross-dressing nudists, and they need to be able to arm themselves against celebrity stalkers.
However, they don’t mind schoolyards, concerts, and movie theaters being shot up, but are quite upset about shootings in a waffle house.

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Maybe he was a Terminator and was getting ready to time travel back, since he completed his mission.

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As a LEO, I can tell you that people get into trouble while naked a lot. Certainly more than arresting officers want. It’s a thing distressed people do, for whatever reason.

Some drugs can raise body temperatures to extremes. The person will usually shed clothes, in an attempt to cool down.

Sounds like this guy was just batshit crazy…

Blaming the gun in a situation where the guy is clearly mentally ill, and didn’t legally possess the gun, is definitely interesting. Especially considering a person just killed 9 people, and injured 16 in Canada, with a van…

Fucked up people do fucked up things. Nothing will stop them…

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Instead of banning weapons or vehicles lets just ban batshit crazy people then everyone will be safe.

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Well. People “snap” sometimes too. Plus, we shouldn’t just lock away the mentally ill.

Mass killings are on the rise. Not just mass shootings. It’s ridiculous. I guess avoiding crowds might decrease your odds of being a victim. Hell of a world…

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We should be very wary of wacko people then – maybe take their guns away, etc. Same with people that law enforcement has found to be dangerous.

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They did. But they gave them to his shithead father, who promptly gave them back’o to the whacko.

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Yeah and I guess showing up in a pink dress didn’t ring any bells or flags for dear ole Dad.
The law said you seem a little to unstable to have any firearms so here Dad we will let you hang on to them in the meantime.

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