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Should we have a "White Party" as the third party (to complete Red, White and Blue) in American politics?

Asked by Yellowdog (6049points) April 23rd, 2018

Our nation is sharply divided and our elections are close.

Most of us admit that if real systemic change is going to happen, it’ll have to come from an independent third party. That’s why sixty percent of Americans now say a new political party is necessary to break the staunch party ties and division and obstruction in government.

Most of us, I think, vote not by party lines but vote the lesser of two evils, or for the candidate with the best ideas. And those who call themselves “independents” today represent the largest “party” of all, 43 percent , compared to those who identify themselves as Democrats (30 percent) and Republicans (26 percent).

I propose that we call this new party the “White Party” in order to complete the red-white-blue sequence of colours.

In Washington, we have the “White House” and all those white Grecian and neoclassical monuments that are perfect for the symbolism.

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the republicans already are the “white” party.

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A Green Party would probably get me to switch registrations.

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The republicans are the Red party.

Russia, remember?

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We already have a Green party (Jill Stein) but they aren’t on the flag

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I think that yes there should be new fresh parties and they should be counterpoints to the corporate-dominated mainstream parties we have now.

But, they need to be allowed a fair chance in our elections.

If our voting system were corrected to not just be “you get to vote for one person”, there would not be such a “lesser of two evils” dilemma and alternatives to the two corrupt parties could emerge and gain office.

Unfortunately, that seems to be far above the reasoning-level of our national conversations, for most people.

And so we got the 2016 election between the two candidates with the worst approval ratings of any candidates in US history – 61% disapproval for Trump and 52% disapproval for Clinton on election day.

But sorry, you can only vote for one person, and as independents are considered wasted votes and aren’t even shown on all ballots… yo ho ho. Great system we have…

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If you want red and white , then why not plaid? Or cyan for giggles?

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Well, the Blue party could represent blue-blooded individuals and blue collar workers. The red party could represent American Indians and Rednecks. The White party could represent White Trash and be the party of “purity”—and perhaps the White Lodge on Twin Peaks. Cyan is the Opposition to the Red party. Plaid would be for the Scottish Society.

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How about a magenta, purple or violet party, you know red mixed with blue…

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If you think about it, neither the red nor the blue parties really represent the country properly & I wouldn’t want an all white flag!!! I think it is time for a “None of the Above” button. I’ve spent years voting for a 3rd party candidate in hopes that everybody would wise up & vote out the status quo. When the Tea Party rose out of the ashes I had high hopes until I began to realize that most of their candidates were Republicans who couldn’t hack it in the real political world. I saw them as the pink party. The Democrats did the same thing back in the late 1940’s & they flopped too.

Back in the 1970’s the Democrats were the red states & the Republicans were the blue states. That lasted for close to 30 years. Somewhere around 2,000 the colors were switched. #FakeNews has been around for nearly 50 years & possibly longer!!!

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Let’s see. The stars are white. How about the star bellied sneetches party?

Edit: also don’t forget blue used to be republican. When Reagan won the map was a sea of blue.

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I still like calling it “The White Party” and claiming all those white Washington buildings as representing “The Party of Purity” and see how far it gets.

“We’re white, as in Red, White, and Blue— Republican, Purity, and Democrat”

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you mean “party of racial purity”.

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Well, you’d never get away with being THAT direct. Just call it “Purity”

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sort of like the AFD in germany.
Nazis in everything but name.

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I forgot to point out that when I first saw the question I thought it was about a party where you ask everyone to wear white, which I always think looks fabulous in photos. Lol.

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Intended as a joke question again.

We need a third party—what comes between red and blue on the flag?

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As long as we have a winner-takes-all/first-past-the-post system third parties are doomed to insignificance.

People always say we need a third party, but we have a third party. We have several in fact. We’ve always had third parties. None have ever made any positive impact.

The system that we have naturally, inevitably, leads to two-party dominance. A better idea would be to chance to a proportional representation/parliamentarian type system.

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We can call that Parliament “The White Parliament” or “The White Lodge”

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