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Which journalist worked at Sinclair and was fired, for not just reading scripts and is on a media tour?

Asked by flo (11140points) April 23rd, 2018

I don’t know if her name is in this article.
Someone whose name sounds like Surry or Sery or something like that, and is giving interviews about not having been being able to just do journalism, That instead, she was required to slant facts to suit the conservative position.

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I haven’t heard that she’s on a media tour; but the only name that comes to my mind is Randy Lubratich who was fired earlier this year. I’m sure that with Sinclair’s reputation that there are probably others; but Randy is the only one that pops into my head.

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Ok. I think it’s her first name and it starts with an S, unless it’s one of those words that start with X but pronounced as if it’s Z.

What search terms did you use to get that by the way?

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