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Do people still have radios?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19456points) April 24th, 2018

Do people still listen to the radio? I listen to the hourly news. Ideas with Paul Kennedy, and cross country checkup on CBC radio. My favourite show coast to coast am is not available in the radio anymore.

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I also listen to Bob McDonald Host of CBC Radio’s Quirks & Quarks.

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I’ve got a big pile of radios.

Got a vinyl records and player, cassettes and player, reel to reel tapes and player and 8 tracks and player.

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Not saying I listen to it but I have an antique reproduction radio/cassette player right behind my office chair. About once a year I’ll turn it on. And because @gondwanalon mentioned records I have some original early sixties Beatles’ albums, other old albums, Jimmy Buffett albums when he was in his thirties? and a stack of 45’s from high school plus two record players! The record players were purchased in the 1990’s. One of them has a CD player. Top that.

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I have an Internet radio and I also listen to radio programmes on my mobile.

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I have a radio bought in the 90’s that plays cassettes and CD’s.

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Yes. Cars still come with them, and people have cars. And clock radios. And radios.

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I listen to ESPN, NPR, and coast to coast if I’m driving at night.
@RedDeerGuy1 . That sucks. If you contact the show, they may be able to help you find another way to hear them.

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@MrGrimm888 I can order online for $0.15 a day or $5 a month. I need a better computer first. Might take a year or so for my budget.

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Yes! I still use a radio that receives over the air. It’s free and nobody has to know what I’m listening to – not that it matters.
I listen to NPR almost exclusively. And the NOAA weather channel for my area when the weather is interesting.

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I listen to NPR quite a bit on the radio. Less than I used to, because most shows are available online whenever I want, not just at the scheduled time.

I wish my phone had an FM radio. I could get a separate little radio one but I don’t want another gadget. Actually I have one in original sealed packaging from about 15 years ago somewhere. Maybe I’ll search it out.

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I’m definitely a ‘people’ with a radio, even better still I am a ‘people’ who listens to the radio, NZ public radio, otherwise known as RNZ, I wouldn’t be without it. And furthermore, I also have a battery operated radio for electricity outages.

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I do. Besides my car radio, I have an actual boombox that also plays CDs and cassette tapes. I went out and bought it for $30 just before Christmas, when I got fed up with the complexity of playing anything through the system that my family thought we needed. I know how to operate it (on/off, station, volume), and it doesn’t involve connecting or disconnecting anything once it’s plugged in.

I keep it tuned to the SF classical music station, and from time to time I switch to NPR.

I was thrilled that you can still get a simple audio device like this! I thought they’d be long gone by now, with every damned thing having to do with a computer somehow. Let’s hear it for low tech. (And if this has a little computer in it somewhere, I don’t want to know about it.)

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I do. One in the bedroom (a clock-radio), one in the living room (a stereo receiver as part of my home theater system), and one in the truck (a AM-FM stereo receiver with CD player).

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I listen in the car.

I have a friend who listens to the local station every morning.

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we have a radio that’s part of a console combination that also has a tape player, cd player and turntable. I use it to listen to baseball games.

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Oh, and during hurricanes I have a battery operated one.

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I have one for emergencies, and I use it when my grandsons want music to go to sleep. If I let them use their phone or tablet, they play games all night.

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I have a bunch, some antique, some new. Some are basic FM, some are shortwave, some are transceivers. I still use radio quite a bit. My wife usually just streams local radio because the sound quality is better.

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I listen to NPR in the car. At home, I listen to some NPR shows. In addition to the news, I make a point of catching Will Shortz’s puzzles and I like to listen to Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me. When they were on the air, I listened to Car Talk (they selected a math problem I submitted) and Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor.

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Finally, someone mentions short wave radio.

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I like to listen to local college radio or catch a Cubs baseball game on the radio if I can’t watch it on television. I like college radio because it’s diverse and the dj’s talk about things happening locally.

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Yes, I still have a stereo with tape and CD player, and a alarm clock radio in the bedroom I listen to at night. And yeah I still use the alram, plus listen to select radio shows and music.

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I listen to the radio in my car almost every day. One of my favorite shows is a cooking show, but you probably already knew that.

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You bet! I have a cherry/cobalt Tivoli in my kitchen. I would not be without it. I thought it got lost when I moved and panicked but it was found before I ordered a new one. It is the best radio on the planet, in my opinion. It has an unbelievably full sound and the tuner is without competition.

I also have a weather/emergency radio that works on solar, batteries, usb, or crank. Got to have one of these in Florida.

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If not for a radio I would have missed “Rumble in the Jungle ” decades ago. I don’t know why we didn’t get it on tv .
Oh, how I miss that fighter.

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I have a dual cassette boombox.
I listen to it. I also have a clock radio with a sleep function.
My phone battery loses power fast, so I never use it for music.
I have some music dvds I play too, since I grew up with Midnight Special, I sometimes want to see who is sharing my day. Three of my dvds are actually Midnight Special performances.

Show of hands, who remembers Steve Martin with an arrow through his head?

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@Patty Melt I remember it, but I don’t know if I am remembering the original or re-clips of it.

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He did it everywhere, Midnight Special, Tonight Show, Saturday Night Live, heck, maybe Sonny and Cher.
I have recorded his original appearance on SNL doing King Tut. You are old as me or more if you remember the blender.

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@PattyMelt I remember the song “King Tut” when it came out. And again with that skit, not sure if I saw the original when it aired, but i have seen clips for sure. I will be 50 real soon.

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