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Can your vision become blurred 24/7 from 9 hrs a day on the computer?

Asked by Aster (18865points) April 24th, 2018

I admit to doing it. But I have business to attend to, among other more social things on my computer. The last few months my vision has become blurry. Worse than ever in my life. I have no headaches, No trouble driving but I was dizzy one day last week. I attributed it to taking a blue sleep gel plus Melatonin before bed and won’t do that again.

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Yeah, at least for a while. Has happened to me.

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Maybe you need glasses?

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Get your eye doctor to prescribe computer glasses. They have a focal point of about 18 inches from your eyes – they make it MUCH easier to focus on the screen that wearing regular glasses and squinting.

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You definitely need to see an eye doctor. It’s possible you are developing cataracts but of course none of us knows what is happening.

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@elbanditoroso My pc is three feet from my eyes !
And a few years ago the doctor said I was developing a cataract. Probably have one in both eyes by now.

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@Aster That would probably be the explanation for the blurriness.

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Take a break from digital devices as well as the TV, and phone.
Sometimes your vision will return to normal after a break of a few days.
Every twenty min on a device give your eyes a break by looking 20 feet away.

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I did something weird. I bought a box of eyeglasses from Ebay and , when I wear this pair I can see up close and at a distance better. I just wish they were a little bit stronger.
The computer print is less blurred too.

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Now, in some states, you can get progressives in the drug store for cheap. That way they work for reading and computer I think.

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@JLeslie – only in blue states. I don’t think they sell progressives in the South, for example.

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