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What type of monitor do i need?

Asked by wilhel1812 (2877points) August 17th, 2008

I Have a MacBook 13,3” that i use for web development, and i found out it’s time to buy another monitor. I want to be able to have the code on one monitor and the design on the other. I was thinking about a 24”, but i need a cheap one and i dont need a lot of extra crap, just a monitor that works. any reccomendations?

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What specs is a minimum?

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This looks reasonable. But you will need a dongle too.

But that is only 22 inches. I do the same thing but I have a 17 inch external one.
24 might be overkill.

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I’d get a 24”. A little more expensive, but more screen real-estate is a huge factor in boosting productivity. Totally worth it. You can find perfectly good 24” screens for $350. Not top of the line, but quite usable.

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I have a Dell 24” that I use with my Mac Pro and it works very well. It has 5 video inputs so I can also hook it up to VGA/HDMI/Component/S-Video. For a while I used it to play video games on, just press a button and it switches input. I think I paid about $750 for it a couple years ago, they are probably much cheaper now.

Basically any DVI monitor will work though. The Macbook supports a resolution up to 1920×1200 on the external display, which is what most 24” monitors will be at, so you just can’t go any larger than that.

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One with color.

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