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How do people make money on ?

Asked by Aster (18877points) April 26th, 2018

I would like to have a Wix account but I don’t know what to offer or how they guarantee you’ll make money. It’s free at first then, if you like the results you pay a nominal fee monthly.
How does Wix make a person an income?

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There is no guarantee. Wix is a web developer site, and foster you building your own personal website and mobile app.

There are two ways to make money: have content that attracts traffic an can generate advertising revenue,


use your site to generate sales for something you wish to sell or a service you provide.

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Our family business has a Wix account.

They do what is known as a ‘loss leader’. Basically they do the upfront stuff for nothing (or a very small fee), but if your website is successful, they’ll do all sorts of add-ons, and hosting, and database work, and charge you for all of that.

In our case, they put together a 10-page website for free, but we decided to have them host it (which costs them very little) for about $8/month. For them, that’s $100 / year for basically doing nothing on their side.

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Is Wix selling their sites as a money making proposition?

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