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How do you pronounce Fluther?

Asked by Phillyzero (129points) August 17th, 2008

I’m new to fluther and was wondering…how is it actually pronounced? Is it floo-ther, or fluh-ther (sounding) like flutter almost) or some other one all together.

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Rhymes with “brother”

Welcome, Fluther brother!

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“Fluther” is pronounced /‘flʌ ðɚ/. It rhymes with “brother” and “mother”.

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Yes, that’s the French variant pronunciation.

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oh wow, i always pronounce it with u, like in “suffer”, wonder if i’ll change my ways…

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I’m the same as iwamoto, fluther, tougher, suffer and so on. I doubt I’ll change anytime soon heh.

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As in: “my brother from another mother!”

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I say Fluh-ther, your say fluth-er, it’s still all one great collective. A jellyfish by any other name . . .

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