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Do you think / wonder if friends and relations from your past ever think about you?

Asked by Yellowdog (12183points) April 28th, 2018

Every now and then, I remember a friend from my past—maybe an early romantic relationship, or a best friend from early teenage years or late childhood—someone we shared dreams and lives with—in the long ago past and, in a moment of sudden nostalgia somehow still miss them.

Sometimes the internet works and we can re-connect, but they have their own lives and we have ours, Other times they are hard to find. Some people don’t want to re-connect. But usually its the times we miss and an Online station like Ihart radio brings back memories and eases the nostalgia

Some such early connections made me who I am and made my life more complete. But sometimes, something just seems like unfinished business and longings never fulfilled. Other times, feelings are neutral and only memories of times remain—still important.

How often do YOU think of people from your past, and wonder if they ever think about you?

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Yeah quite often, but they have their life and I have mine.

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GQ. I think about them, so yeah, I hope they sometimes think about me.

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I’ve thoroughly burnt down those bridges. I still wonder how they turned out.

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I think of the past quite often and would like to meet some of those I once knew but we have become scattered in the whirlwind of the years.

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I think that an exfriend is a member of Canadas federal cabinet now im not sure.

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I generally assume their level of importance to me, historically, is not the same to them — and vice versa.

Facebook has been the catalyst for this a number of times. I’ve reached out to a few people and expressed how good it was to “see” them and, past the initial “Hey, how have you been?”...crickets.

Similarly, I’ve had a bunch of people from my past “friend” me in FB and I can barely remember them. The worst was this one woman who messaged me a lot about how great it was to reconnect and recounting stories from our past. It was awkward as I had no idea who she was. I sent her an embarrassed message saying, “I’m really sorry, but remind me how I know you.”

She writes back, “I was your 8th grade semi-formal date. We were neighbors for years.”

I was so embarrassed. Never heard from her again.

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Yes, and I hope all of my friends from by-gone days have only good things to say about me.

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Yes, occasionally, when my current friendship circle doesn’t function in a good direction. I used to have my long-time school bffs before I moved places to different higher educational institution and I (regretfully) decided not to keep their number anymore since it was too painful for me to split with them at that time and we had a fight too at that time. If I can be honest, they will always be my treasured bffs of all time, and I secretly hope that they still think of me like I think of them. I will never tell anyone (except that one time in counseling) about this as I fear that they might think that I can’t over the past.

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Sure. I would think that it’s normal.

I try not to think about ex girlfriends.

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@Unofficial_Member I once heard that every bride walks down the aisle thinking about all the broken hearts she’s left behind.

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