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Do you eat at McDonald's? Why or why not?

Asked by janbb (59198points) April 29th, 2018

I just had a meal there on a school trip. The food was tasty in a salty fried way but I only eat there about once every five years. (Although I do eat other junky food.) Just wondering about your opinions.

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Not very often. I think it’s been about 3 years since I’ve been there although there is one about 5 minutes away from my house. I feel like I’m wasting calories on food I don’t find that tasty. I’d rather have a Dairy Queen blizzard.

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I like Mc Raunchies every so often but Mrs Squeeky hates it, so we don’t go there very much unless I am alone.

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I think their breakfast sandwiches and ice coffee are pretty good. The egg McMuffin is tasty.

The tunes I’ve eaten any of their other food I feel gross afterward, so I avoid it.

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@cookieman Is “tunes” a description of their – err – after effect?

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Mc Doubles with cheese, two patties, and only about a buck fifty, depending on where you live.
When my kid and I are together, we get one of those, and a #2. One of us has the two regular ch burgers, the other has the double, and we split the fries.
If it is a very hungry day shopping, we also split a 20 PC nuggets.
Mmmmmm I like that stuff. I won’t drink their shakes though. They don’t train employees how to clean the machines. They really Stink nasty when you open them up.

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Every now and then. Usually because I am on a road trip, and I can trust their bathrooms to be clean. I feel that if I am using their water, I should buy something

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I have not had a McDonalds hamburger in over 25 years. I have had nothing from McDonalds since 2001.

I made a conscious decision years ago to only eat food. There is no food at McDonalds, just processed filler.

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Nope. It’s junk food and I don’t even feel good knowing that I will put harmful substances in to my body. It’s been more than a decade since the last time I visited a fast food establishment to eat junk food (at that time I hasn’t been informed of how bad the food could be for my body)

Now, now, I know this is debatable but some people consider pizza as junk food (even the vegan version) and I still like to eat pizza so hopefully I’m not making a hypocrite out of myself.

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Almost never. The exception is on long road trips with the wife. When she worked at the engineering firm, she apparently developed this thing for something called a bacon egg & cheese biscuit along with soft serve McDonald’s ice cream cones. So at least once on every drive to Oregon, there’s an obligatory stop when it’s time to gas up and worship at the Arches.

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Nope. I really dislike their food (not really sure I should call it that) and it makes me feel yucky. About 3 years ago I had some fries from there, wished I hadn’t.

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@janbb: Sorry. “times”.

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Quite often, actually. However I’ve backed off on getting my breakfast there. I get it once a week now, instead of almost every day.

When I do eat a lunch there it’s usually a regular hamburger (no quarter pounder, etc.) small French fires and a drink.
I especially like their breakfasts.
I’m mad because they took bagels off the menu.

As to why, I say, “Why not?” It’s fast, it’s affordable, they’re doing all the cooking so I don’t have to.

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Absolutely the worst run corporation I’ve ever seen. The worst service. Worst product. Only if nothing else is available will I even step foot in one of these terrible “restaurants.”

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I think their food is good.

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No, only in a dire emergency, which is almost never, probably over ten years since the last time I was in one, and that was probably to pee not to eat.

When I was 5 or 6 I tried a McDonald’s milkshake and it barely went through the straw and it was like rubber foam sugar and it gave me bad indigestion. I had a McFlesh of some sort about 20 years ago and it was like a soft warm sponge of corporate industrial barely-edible product.

The fries are ok in an unhealthy way. I had the FischMac in Austria around 30 years ago, and it was ok in a cheap unhealthy fast food way, but I was with an American and wouldn’t have chosen that myself.

Basically, it’s almost all bad and unhealthy or mediocre at best, in a disturbing artificial quasi-food kind of way, and there are way too many of them smeared all over the planet. There should be less of them, as they make the planet a less interesting and more depressing place to be. They’re part of the “too many huge corporations not making decisions in the best interest of good things” problem. Patronizing them and calling them restaurants rather that nasty places, encourages the disease.

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Not sure how old you are but their milk shakes used to be REAL milkshakes. Now it’s just that what you said foam rubber sugar crap. AND they put whipped cream on them too. They are gross. It was sad.
They changed their fries too, long time ago. Oh, they used to be so totally addicting they were so good.

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I like the cold coke. Sometimes I order a double big mac.

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I eat at McDonald’s probably 6 times a year. I like it. It makes me feel like I’m on vacation, because mostly I eat fast food while on vacation. The one closest to me is only a year or two old, so it’s new and clean. It’s very busy though, almost too busy.

I’m thinking most likely McD’s food isn’t any worse than the average chain restaurant like Chili’s or Ruby Tuesday’s.

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Rarely. I prefer Burger King. i go there about one per month – and use a coupon!

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Their burgers are unpalatable tasteless balls of grease. Order one plain and see how far you get in eating it.

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Nope. I don’t like hamburgers in general, nor any fast food really.

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I realize McD’s original schtick was hamburgers, and it continues to be a huge portion of sales, but McD’s does also sell chicken in a few ways, salads, fries, fruit, dessert, and breakfast food. Some of the breakfast items you can get all day.

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On long road trips, we stop there to use the restroom, and we always order something in return.
I like the fillet-o-fish and a quarter pounder with cheese.

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I try to avoid it if possible. Sometimes I’m traveling and it’s the only convenient option, or the least bad option of several fast food places. I’ll do quick-serve such as Chipotle or Panera, if that’s not an option I’ll step it down to fast food, and my preference there would be Chick-fil-A or a sub shop. I’d do McDonald’s before most other fast-food chains though like Taco Bell, Burger King, KFC, etc. They’re just gross.

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If Burger King were an option, I’d choose that over McDonalds. However, the nearest Burger King is 50 miles away. :(

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Sure, at least once every two weeks. I got the happy meal Saturday since my mom wanted a sandwich there, and my dogs like the plain cheeseburgers. My toy was a cool orange tiger!

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On occasion I drink their coffee. And my wife likes their breakfast taco so I am obliged to get that every so often (unless there is a Taco Bell next door and then I just go there.

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You mean the breakfast burrito? Yeah, those are pretty good.

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I eat at McDonalds maybe once a year. I quite like their Big Macs but I dislike the McDonalds ambience. The crowds, the bright lighting, the uncomfortable seating make you want to leave as soon as possible.

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I won’t go alone. I get panhandlers coming up to me for coffee money so they can loiter for an additional 20 minutes. I feel uncomfortable in public. I would prefer to be left alone. Its bad from open to close. Mostly it’s bad at 5:30am when the homeless shelter kicked out every in tbe cold.

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I have in the past, but not anymore. I found the food makes my stomach upset. Weirdly, other fast food junk does not.

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@RedDeerGuy1 In our small town, we had two homeless guys get into a fight (had came in with a trucker from out of state) and one was drunk and stabbed the other with a pocket knife and he ended up dying. True story, just this week!

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@KNOWITALL…your town is not small!!

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@Dutchess_III It’s only 2300 people? What do you call small? lol

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Ours @KNOWITALL it’s only 1100.

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I thought you lived in SF?

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@Dutchess_III I live outside Spfd in Strafford, MO- where the murder took place. Work in Spfd.

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Oh oh oh! OK. I see. 2300 is TINY! Almost as small as my son’s town with a population of 1017.

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I’m kinda pissed at McD’s right now. I asked Rick to pick up a fish sandwich for me. Well, the bun was so stale, or something, I could hardly chew through it. I returned it and told them what the problem was. They replaced it, no problem.Got home….and it’s the same damn problem. Plus it took me 30 minutes to get through the drive through (I would have gone in but I was barefoot.)

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I’m doing my best to stay away from ALL fast food establishments!!! About once or maybe twi ce a year I get to craving a Big Mac & I go get one. Then my craving is gone for the next several months.

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Nyet, I never eat there. I tried it once and found its stuff to be inedible.

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