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Under suspicion?

Asked by fjanick (6points) August 17th, 2008

What would most people do if they felt they were being put under suspicion for their friends money going missing from their friends house ?
Would most people confront their friend about the situation and say they had nothing to do with it ?

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wow that is a tough one I guess if I had a friend that thought I stole something from them and I knew they were thinking that I would come to them and put it out there that is just me, and yes my feelings would be hurt that they would think I stole something from them and maybe end our relationship but yes I would go to them and put it out in the open.

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A Grand Don’t Come For Free by The Streets addresses this issue :)

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I would definitely address the issue…in a non-confrontational way.

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I would tell my friend that I had heard through the grapevine that he or she might have thought I had taken money from their home, and that I wanted unequivocally to state that I had not.

I would also present any supporting data I had. For example, I was never alone at your house on the 22nd. Jenny was with me the entire time. I did not even go to the bathroom.

Always best to answer calumny directly.

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I would tell him that I didn’t actually “take” it, I was looking for a snack and accidentally swallowed it. Tought it was lettuce, you see. Anyway, eight hours and several cups of coffee later, it “resurfaced,” as things we eat are wont to do, and I was just wondering whether you wanted me to hand-deliver it to you, or just slip it through the mail-slot if you aren’t home?

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