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Why do we humans think FURRY animals are cute and cuddly, but hairy humans are repulsive? And, coversely ...

Asked by Yellowdog (12183points) May 1st, 2018

hairless dogs and cats kind of make us recoil?

A girl I know was repulsed by a certain man I know’s excessively hairy back. I think that for both men and women, there is a certain amount of hair we will tolerate on our bodies and our partners.

Coversely, we LOVE dogs and cats for their fur, and will stroke it with pleasure for long periods of time. Raccoons, Pandas, Teddy Bears, for some even mice and gerbils—we love them because of their fur.

If a dog or cat is hairless, as our own species might be considered, well, hairless dogs and cats are kind of creepy, irritating, and hard to bond with,

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I think it’s just what we’re conditioned to be used to. People with hairless cats tend to get used to them. Not everyone is repulsed by human body hair. Lots of young people are much more averse to human body hair than older ones, etc.

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I am only partly fur biased.
My husband was furry all over, but I loved it. The hair was blonde, so not quite so noticeable. It was soft as down. Snuggling him was like having a life size stuffy, and warm.
Lots of dark hair on ivory skin grosses me out, usually.

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Because actual fur is dense, soft, and colourful and shiny.
Human body hair is coarse, patchy and just black.

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I know more than one woman who thinks hair on a man’s chest is sexy. That whole clean shaven thing they don’t like so much.

I could care less either way. I guess a back completely full of hair would turn me off though, but a little down by the waistline, or up by the shoulders isn’t very unusual and wouldn’t bother me.

Porno, and even just more sex in regular films and skimpier clothing has led the way for hairless humans. It’s a little annoying actually. So much of whether it is attractive to you or not is conditioning I think.

Having lived in South Florida for many years, the men I knew who were biggish muscles and shaven were mostly gay men, but that’s changing now. More and more men seem to be shaving. When I was in high school in Maryland I knew one guy who shaved his chest and legs, he was a competitive swimmer. I remember thinking how odd that was. That was back in the early 80’s.

I would assume certain parts of the world and various groups have more body hair? Seems logical. I think of the Mediterranean men as being hairy and the native Americans as not hairy, and I would guess Northern Europe has some hair being so fair skinned? I really don’t know though. I don’t know the actual statistics on that.

I don’t think you can compare fur to hair. Plus, puppies are cute, but dogs aren’t always cute in my opinion.

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Actually, fur and hair are exactly the same thing.

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Well, you don’t know what all humans think. I promise there are humans all over the world who think differently than you do.

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I don’t mind furry women one bit!

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What loli said.

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Not fur biased here either. I like a good hairy chested man, and I could love a hairless dog or cat, I’m not that picky on this subject at all.

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My current boyfriend is the hairiest man I’ve ever met. I’m not, like, “into” hairy dudes in particular, but I love this man’s soul and his hair is not something that would ever turn me off of that. Generalizations aren’t great.

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I wanted to say human body hair feels like pubes(not the softest) but loli’s response was better.

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Furry humans are an uncomfortable reminder for some of where we really came from. Doesn’t bother me.

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