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Who do I get anxiety around him?

Asked by Theawkwardearthling (1points) May 3rd, 2018

So I’ve recently started dating this guy, we’ve dated for about 4 months now and I love him a lot and I know he loves me, but recently I’ve been getting a bit of anxiety when I am around him. I don’t know why it happens but it comes in a wave and then I’m fine again. It’s really bothering me as I don’t get anxiety with any other people I’m around so why is it only around him?

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It’s impossible for someone else to say from a description like that. The answer is in your feelings. Developing the skill of listening to your feelings and intuitions and understanding what they are really about is a vital skill. It’s one of the main applications of meditation and other mindfulness skills.

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^ What he said.

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the same thing is happening with me and I dont know why

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