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If you are not American how do you summarize the American people?

Asked by Aster (19994points) May 3rd, 2018

I’m sorry if this has been asked before but what do you non-Americans think when you hear someone is from the states? Do you pre-judge us in positive or negative terms?

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Texas, with a smidge of orange.

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You are all Texan to me.

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Meaning? I am not from Texas originally. Orange what?

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Sleep on it.

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I think it might be because Texas is a pretty big state and I’ve seen joke maps that the US is just all Texas? or maps where all people are able to label is Texas and Florida. And Orange because of Donald Trump?

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Trump has been a disappointment in my opinion. I mean the part that he is a huge womanizer .
As far as the silly orange comment is concerned his makeup artist tragically used that shade of flesh at first. Now he is no more orange than the other people in his photos. In fact, I’ve seen many pictures of Trump where his skin is very white but the guys behind him look orange. The “Cheeto” image is old hat. It doesn’t apply anymore.

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So how are Americans seen by non-Americans?

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Never mind @ragingloli ; just found out your real opinion :
” You are erratic, conflicted, disorganised. Every decision is debated, every action questioned. Every individual entitled to their own small opinion. You lack harmony, cohesion, greatness. It will be your undoing.” lol.
Still waiting for the greatness.

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Non-Americans is of course a massive generalization that can have no one answer, and has many different answers which vary in various ways.

Things I have heard from non-Americans about Americans include:

sexually liberated
allowed to be who they are
a very strange country
poorly dressed
ill-mannered / rude

the people are mostly good and different from the politicians
OMG Gary Hart was disqualified to run for president because the media reported he had ONE mistress!?!?!
OMG why do you not have affordable healthcare?
OMG why did you elect a retarded fascist criminal POTUS (heard for Reagan, GW Bush, and especially Trump)

I have also been told “you don’t seem like an American” a lot, which I usually take as a compliment.

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Batshit crazy!
No that may just include the Trump lovers, the rest are mainly just honest hard working people just trying to get through life the best they can.

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Sincere, honest and friendly.
PS I am in China at the moment and people here mostly assume I am an American. From my everyday interaction with the locals I can say their feelings are overwhelmingly positive.

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@Aster I think the orange reference is because the Texas Longhorns have orange for their team color. However, I’m not that big into sports so I could be wrong. I do know that many US college football teams use orange for their color.

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Thanks, @LadyMarissa . At least I’ve been researched to find out what part of America I live in ! lol And you’re correct about the Longhorns of which I have zero interest.
I think he was talking about Trump’s previous skin or makeup coloration. I guess a lot of people think if you’re American you love Trump which is far from the truth.

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I’m tired of fielding the “what’s wrong with you Americans?” questions from foreigners. There’s a lot of teasing as though the alt right and NRA are composed of my close relatives.

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I understand that !

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My people’s opinion is a mixed bag. On one hand, we think Americans have everything better than us and admire everything about America. On the other hand, we think Americans are too naive and rule-abiding and set out to exploit that “weakness”. But then again it applies for anyone taller and whiter than us. We see you as a strange alien creature and observe you with morbid fascination and sometimes poke you just to see a reaction.

“We” here means people in my place. Me, I have lived with Americans for too long to care.

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I know a dude from Algeria who told me that everyone wants to come to America because we have a lot more and it’s “The best land” (direct quote). He said it’s a lot harder in Algeria.

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Usually, with a full stop.

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You wanted to know what outsiders think of the American people, and my post above said what I think of them.
Now I want you to picture what we see of your country looking in,we see police shooting unarmed black people,hell they even shot an unarmed white woman in her pjays.
We see your President lying so much it isn’t funny, we see the Rep/cons destroying the closest thing you guys have ever had to affordable health care,saying it was costing to much.
You love your country so much your ready to die for it,just don’t get sick or hurt because that will financially ruin you for life, unless you can afford the way over priced insurance.
I know your country has many great people, but I wanted to show you what we see looking in for a quick look.

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I am from Texas! I think @ragingloli is saying she thinks of cowboys when she thinks of Americans, with a touch of coolness, like the sunshine state.

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And besides, everybody knows the state colors of Texas are Maroon & White. WHOOP!

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@rojo Maybe not everybody. I’ve never been to Texas & never had to concern myself with their state colors.

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