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Where is your "quiet place"?

Asked by mee_ouch (656points) August 17th, 2008

Mind? Home? Vehicle?
We all need freedom from distraction from time to time. Where do you find peace? Does it help you to regenerate?

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In the car, I hardly ever listen to the radio…I like to just let my thoughts meander. Also, late at night, after everyone else is asleep. I must have that time.

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I concur. Great answer.
There has been the rare occaision when I’ve become lost….both literally and figuratively, while driving ‘with my thoughts’.

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I like to find me a private spot on a river, creek, or pond and sit there on the bank and throw out my fishing line. I enjoy the solitude, nature, and its just so damn relaxing. Oh hell, there goes my bobber. Fish on!

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Buster has the exact same description of a quiet place as I.

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Love it Buster…Can I join you sometime?
Eambos…Great answer by proxy! lol

Water is perhaps one of life’s most peaceful spaces. I have many fond memories of my childhood. They all involve a body of water.

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Naked in my hot tub which is nestled in a stand of trees.

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My idea of the perfect quiet place echoes Buster’s. I’m lucky enough to live in Alaska, a land of such incredible vistas and wonders that just about anyplace can quickly become a quiet place—well, unless a grizzly strolls by—but find that it’s the mountains that most call me. I’ve never been able to put my finger on it, but something about the mountains just calls out to my soul. I live where I can see them from almost any window in the winter but only have to walk outside even in the summer to get an eyeful past the trees and leaves, so you’re likely to find me leaning up against the fence, just gazing and thinking about whatever thoughts might seem pressing at that time, then suddenly realizing I’ve been able to let the negative thoughts go. If I’m really lucky, I might even see an eagle soaring overhead. Toss in a lake or rushing stream, most of which are so strong here that their roar can drown out distractions, and my quiet place may not necessarily be quiet, but it’s the sounds of nature that allow me to pull inward and find strength within. Well, until a moose or grizzly intrude.

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@mee ouch Lets go Im always down to fish.
@sueanne tremendous Your quiet place sounds sweet.
@ Alaskatundrea I would love to hike in Alaska its a gnarly place.

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Hows about ‘throwing some fish in a hot tub during a cold snap?’

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Mine is also in the car… if only because I spend so much time there! I also love being in the woods and/or near water, but this isn’t always available when needed.

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My room, in the tub or when i’m at the toilet.

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Sueanne, the ex got custody of the hottub. It was my favourite place in the world to unwind with a glass of the red or two.


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in front of my computer, on fluther, of course!

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(ooh, i’m such a shameless brown-noser, sometimes it actually hurts)

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drhat77…we’re all a little brown on the ‘beak’ sometimes….

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Driving or late at night laying in bed before i fall asleep, thats when it seems i do most of my thinking. Unfortunately i often come up with really great ideas late at night, but i never want to get out of bed to write any of it down and i always forget it by morning. The bathroom is also a great place to run off to, to just quiet time. Why do you think men love their “shits” so much? We get to escape and just have peace.

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Spoken like a real man…Great!

*I’ve kept a pen/pencil and notepad within reach of my ‘sleepy’ self for years now.
Unbelievable what one reads the next morning. Scary actually…..

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I too spend the time between going to bed and going to sleep for reflection, planning, or just letting my mind drift and fantasizing. If backfires, though, when I have a good train of thought going, and I’m unable to turn my mind off and get to sleep.

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My ideal “quiet place” is very late at night at a very remote area of the beach where I can be alone and the sky is clear so I can see the stars and the moonlight shines down on the mist coming off the waves. But the best part is closing my eyes and just listening to the sound of the ocean and the waves as they hit the shore. There’s something soothing and calming about the sound alone and as each wave goes out, my mind tends to send bits and pieces of whatever is bothering me out to sea with that wave so by the time the sun rises in the morning, I feel better.

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If I can find my kitty, and he feels like it, we commune and both get really soft.

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I used to live on the Gulf Coast, so one of my favorite places was at the water’s edge late at night – sometimes the middle of the night. Far enough away from the highway to where all you hear is the waves lapping up on the shore. The wind is a very soothing sound too. Turns cawing overhead break up the silence nicely. The tactile feel of my toes in the sand, my hand wrapped around a cold one…. you get the idea.

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I live in a quiet place, with woods and a creek w. a meditation bench next to it. I’ve worked in a hurly-burly and noisy world. I am really grateful to have that behind me.

No terns or seagulls here but wonderful raptors, song birds, fresh water birds and the animal life, with whom we share our gardens.

Suddenly at night I hear the sounds of crickets ( or cicadas?) that announce the end of summer. Three buzzes in a row, a pause of a second and then repetition. Sounds like they are humming on a comb covered w, tissue paper

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In front of my computer or a book

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Then again, if, by “quiet place”, you mean an escape from the daily grind, then it would have to be in front of the XBox with the surround sound cranked!

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At night in my room when everyone is finally asleep. Or early in the morning before school, when I have the house to myself and no one is awake yet.

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I take a row out into the swamp. You hear nothing but nature. It is relaxing to the point of wishing you never had to return. I often bring food for the critters. I enjoy feeding the nutria, gators & fish. It’s beautiful out there.

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a coffee shop I like to go alone :)

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On the deck, in my chair, reading a book. Or dozing off with said book. Pretty much anything that equals alone, book & place to sit.

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My home office, sunk down in the club chair, drinking scotch and readin’ a book.

(or playing guitar, in whch case it’s my LOUD place.)

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Shower, I have three siblings, two parents, and a really big dog, I lock the door, nobody bugs me. If they knock on the door I don’t answer. They get angry, I don’t care, I needed to be alone.

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In this certain tree in the middle of the woods far away from anyone else

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