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What movie makes you cry?

Asked by webmasterwilliam (160points) August 17th, 2008

I have a hard time watching “The Notebook” without tuning into a heap of man-blubber. I tear up with movies depicting undying love because I think that’s what makes life worth living. (Yes, I have found undying love myself)

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Definitely, Maybe.

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I cried when my daughter just described The Notebook! I cry at too many movies to list.

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Dances With Wolves, Steel Magnolias, Fried Green Tomatoes. Those movies never fail to make me cry.

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Terms of Endearment.

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The Lion King, when Mufasa dies.

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Where the Red Fern Grows and Old Yeller. Those two dog movies get me crying every time.

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I’m easily moved to tears in movies. The one that really does it to me is near the end of Field of Dreams when Ray asks his father if he wants to play catch. Gets me every time.

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Children of Men was pretty intense at the end. First time in my Adult life that I cried in a movie. I felt compelled and stupid until I looked at my mother and she had tears freely rolling down her face, and I heard sniffles from about 80% of the audience.

It was a beautiful moment, severely underappreciated film.

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Since the last time a question like this was asked, I watched Persepolis and cried three separate times during it. I’m such a big baby.

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The Color Purple makes me “weep” everytime!

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I hope you mean the movie.

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That movie was fantastic!

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The movie Crash was one of the most emotional ones i have seen. My friend burst into hysteria when the police officer was intentionally pulled out of the car wreck but luckily the girl was ultimately saved by him or else it would have been the first time i had seen a grown man bawl because of a movie. i do admit my eyes mysteriously teared up too

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‘Life Is Beautiful’

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I can’t think of a movie that has ever made me cry.

@Indy, scary movies make me want to fight. I just don’t see how people can stand to do horriable things like that to other people.

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@randy, I once watched it in my Human Nature class and it got me thinking that issues like those still do preveal in our “modern” culture. I’m glad a movie such as Crash wasn’t afraid to portray those prejudgitices.

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Date Movie.

Although, I think that was for a different reason than what you guys are describing….

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Gladiator and Braveheart.

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It’s a Wonderful Life
Forrest Gump

Those are the ones I can think of for now

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Cinema Paradiso

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forest gump and schindlers list

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armageddon. When he get forces Ben Affleck onton the shuttle. And then the weddings plays. Rough time for sure.

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I cry my eyes out with Steel Magnolias too. The Color Purple and the end of Funny Girl usually have me crying like a baby.

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‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ was also a tearjerker…

And ‘Dumbo’, for sure!

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Oh yes, autumn that reminded me of Bambi, I still cry when I see the scene where his mother dies…

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Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman; Parenthood; Leaving Las Vegas

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When I need a cry, I watch the youtube clip of Jimmy Stewart on The Tonight Show talking about his dog Beau. It’s incredible.

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for me, it’s a guarantee that any animal movie would make me cry. lassie, dumbo, free willy, the one about the two dogs and a siamese cat who make a journey home (voice of michael j fox was one of the dogs). the yearling – another tearjerker for me. there was a disney movie about a mountain lion that made me cry. i think born free, too. harry and tonto, about the old man and his cat. all these animal movies i try not to even watch because i know what will happen.

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The Notebook is on ABC Family right now. I’m watching. And crying. I am NOT OKAY with James Garner being upset! D:

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Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron. I bawled. Two year olds had to ask me what was wrong. Also, Hildago.

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Little Women, A Little Princess, The Land Before Time, Click, A.I., sometimes The Last of the Mohicans, depends if I’m already in a sad mood.
Wow, didn’t realise there were so many… ack.

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@Lovelocke: Yes, same.

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Steel Magnolias

@ ljs22 – Very true that gets me every time!!

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Iron Giant

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Maybe no one else, but I teared up when I saw John Q. Just how the father did all that for his child.

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Reservation Road.

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Wine3213 – John Q was a great movie. And a tear jerker!

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My waterworks begin during that “STARMAN” scene where the Starman brings the fawn back to life and sets it free.

Also, at the end of “SOMEWHERE IN TIME,” when the lovers, both dead, meet each other and he takes off his hat to her, and they hold hands for all eternity…

Excuse me, I need some tissues right now…

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Oh, I forgot about ET, can’t help crying with that one either.

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I must be the only person in the world who doesn’t like that film.

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Which one, Bri? ET? If so, you’re not alone. Though we’re definitely in a minority. I’ve always thought I was the only one who didn’t like it, too.

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Yeah, ET. I just never got into it emotionally. It seemed so very forced.

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Reign Over Me. At the end when he’s talking to his in-laws.

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I’ll also start weeping at the end of FAIL-SAFE, when this sensitive, caring general in the USAF, obeys his orders to drop two 20-megaton atomic bombs on New York City. knowing that his friend’s wife and his own wife, will be killed in the resultant blast.

That scene never fails to bring on the tears.

You know, I’m really surprised that no one in here has mentioned that emotional ending scene in BRIAN’S SONG.

The reason that one tears my guts apart, is because it is a true story.

September 5, 2008, 11:35 AM EDT

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The only two movies that I can remember making me cry, when I was younger, was ‘E.T.’ and ‘Where the Red Fern Grows’.

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BENJI and Starman

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Lion King, Titanic-definitely, and The notebook- i hate how the lady has alzheimers!! thats what made it worse-she can’t remember the cherry topping of her life

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