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It's Teacher Appreciation Week in USA. Have something similar in your country?

Asked by imrainmaker (8375points) May 8th, 2018

Asking again in here as previously asked in meta by mistake. US jellies can respond on their experiences if any.

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I think other countries don’t make teachers buy supplies and then remove that exemption on their taxes to give tax cuts to billionaires.

Everyday is teacher appreciation day since they are properly funded.

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We have this great old tradition here, where once a year, the teachers are allowed to kill any pupil of their choosing, usually the most annoying one, and all the kids beg and whimper for mercy as hard as they can.
Or at least it should be a tradition.

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^I’m sure your teachers would have loved that tradition..)~

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Any teacher would.

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@johnpowell look for my country

It’s a pretty big deal here. Teachers are expected at least some kind of gesture of respect. Flowers and gifts are normal things. It’s ok to pass Teacher’s Day, as long as your conscience doesn’t come back to bite you.

Relationship between teachers and students here is different from the US. Teachers are traditionally put on a pedestal and they are supposed to hold all power over their kids. That’s why the day exists.

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^I really like Asian culture. Respect is a big deal, for most. As it should be for all…

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