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Have you ever been hungry with no means of satisfying your need?

Asked by rojo (24179points) May 8th, 2018

I don’t mean dieting or fasting but actually not having the funds or other resources to provide food for yourself.

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I have been stranded in the middle of nowhere a few times either weather or a breakdown, does that count??

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I’ve been penniless a few times and on the street, and wondered, “well, what is someone in my position supposed to do? Just die?”

Some people live high on the hog for disabilities as minor as diabetes or high blood pressure. They have apartments, friends, and LOTS of food. Others fall through the cracks.

I know what its like to drink lots of water, eat leafy plants, and shoplift minor food items such as healthy protein bars, canned meat such as sardines pocketed from the store, or eat other people’s leftovers from restaurants before the table is cleared. Eventually, such epochs of time come to an end but times are never good until you have real work and true, independent financial solvency.

Then again, anyone can lose everything.

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Yes. Another guy and I were in that position so we stole a sack of groceries out of a car at a supermarket. The only thing in the bag that was edible was canned taco sauce. And we didn’t have a can opener!

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A poem I wrote about having to make do with packets of crackers and ketchup was published and put to audio cassette.

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I’ve been lucky most of my life. After my husband died, I survived for the first 3 months eating Potato Soup & cornbread. At that point in time potatoes & milk were 2 of the cheapest foods available. It cost me about $1/day to eat. When I got tired of Potato Soup, I’d switch over to cornbread & milk. Once I got back on my feet, I bought a big juicy steak with a huge tossed salad.Dang, if it didn’t taste good!!!

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Sure. It sucks…

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Actually, I felt lucky. Although it wasn’t the best meal, I wasn’t going without any food like many people were at the time!!!

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I was backpacking a good stretch and underestimated the food I needed. A day and half without anything to eat and a lot of physical exertion sucked. I was nowhere near it but it made me understand just how bad real starvation must be.

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No. Even when I didn’t have the actual cash for a few weeks, I had credit cards to float my money around.

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I had forgotten about my week last year mainly because I try to forget it. I have a disability where one side of my body is partially paralyzed. Just a year ago, I slipped & fell in the floor & couldn’t get up. I live alone. My cell had died & all my backup people were out of the area around the same time. I laid in the floor for 8 days before the first person got back in town & became concerned when I didn’t answer. I had nothing to eat or drink for 8 days & yes I got pretty dang hungry. I lost 20 pounds in that week before going to the hospital. In order to survive my ordeal I stopped thinking about how hungry I was & made a point of thinking about the delicious meal I was going to eat tomorrow. The next day I did the same thing. It seemed to work for me. Of course, I sure was glad to get that first meal once safe. Hospital food never tasted so good!!!

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When our kids were little, we had some very lean times. I got extremely creative when it came to feeding my family. If we were in the car, I’d buy a head of cabbage, and peel off leaves and hand them out. They tasted pretty good! I had lots of little tricks like that.

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Cabbage is low calories and good for you, too. I’ve eaten a lot of it.

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I have been pretty close to abso-fucking-lutely broke, but not to the point of going hungry.

There were times I was down to my last four quarters and got a turkey pot pie (39 cents) and a quart of milk (59 cents).

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I’m very thankful to be able to say no to that question.

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In university summer break I had to live off of oatmeal and ensure for a month.

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@RedDeerGuy1 OMG how gross…I would have had to go hungry!!! If hungry enough I might be able to gag the oatmeal down; but, my throat just refuses to swallow Ensure.

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^^^I have a photo from our college days of a friend holding a knife to his own throat to force himself to eat yet another dry, bland poptart that didn’t even have icing. It was the only way he could do it.

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@rojo Just gotta ask, which personality was that???

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He doesn’t come around much any more. There was an, um, falling out

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I have never personally experienced this, I just wondered who had after seeing a documentary about living on a dollar a day in Mexico.

There were times during college when times were tough and several of us used to have to scrounge enough cash to buy a bag of pinto beans and if we were lucky a bag of rice and go to the North side to buy a stack of tortillas from a little Panadaria that made them up and sold them cheaper than the stores .

By pooling together as a group we were able to keep ourselves fed, sometimes you had the money, sometimes it was the others but this way nobody went hungry.

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Being born & raised in the South, when money gets tight, you make a pone of Cornbread & think of something cheap to spoon over it. Potato Soup & Cornbread has saved me more than once. Cornbread & Gravy has come in handy when I had no potatoes. Cornbread with Scrambled Eggs came in handy when I had no flour. I’ve been blessed to not need to cook any Cornbread for quite some time now. The price of groceries has gotten so high that I can’t imagine trying to live on $1/day now days.

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Cone bread n applesauce wit butta. Mmmmm mmmmmm…

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