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Have you ever been to a restaurant where they don’t cook meat medium rare for safety reasons?

Asked by rockfan (9697points) May 9th, 2018 from iPhone

Just ordered a hamburger medium rare, and the waitress told that for health reasons, they can’t do it. Has anyone ever encountered this?

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I’ve heard of them not cooking rare for health reasons, yes.

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Rare yes, medium-rare no.

I’ve seen many places where “medium” means overcooked.

A place that won’t make a medium-rare hamburger I would tend to expect has issues with competence, cleanliness, skill, comprehension, and/or hearing, and I’d probably take it as a sign of a place to avoid.

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burgerking and macdoof

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I have never had a restaurant say they won’t do it. But I have been ‘advised’ by the server (and in once case the manager) of the safety risk.

As it happens, I don’t like uncooked beef (especially ground beef) so it was no big deal

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Ground beef is more dangerous to eat rare or medium rare because of the grinder. which can contaminate the meat inside out..

Steak and other cuts of meat are much safer because only the surfaces must be singed to kill the bacteria and other foodborne illnesses.

I will eat steak virtually raw in the center, but I mistrust rare ground beef. I would leave it to the experts but chances are the cooks on duty aren’t experts.

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Yes. And GA by @Yellowdog .

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When I lived in Raleigh, NC the rarest you could order a burger in a restaurant was medium. I think it must have been a city or state thing, because it seemed like all restaurants had the same policy.

It should be the law for hamburger meat, I agree with serving medium or more done. Unless, it is a fine restaurant that sears a steak, and then grounds it immediately after. If they do that they can serve the meat tartar. Chili’s and Applebee’s aren’t going to that effort I’m sure.

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I have a favorite restaurant the makes these wonderful, tender Middle Eastern style rack of lamb chops. I always ask for them rare, but they almost never have any pink. Sigh. They’re still good, but they could be so much better!

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I’ll second @Yellowdog on this. Medium rare won’t get the centre of the burger hot enough to kill any bacteria that been transferred there… steak on the other hand, I order blue.

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^^ Or Lightlyseared?

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I only know of one & although I do understand their reasoning, as the customer I should be able to have it cooked as I prefer it. Once I heard their rule, I just marked them off my list of a place I would go for dinner.

I used to work for a man who felt that cooking a steak well done was a mortal sin & he would refuse to do it. I had one customer who refused to eat anything less than well done. I took his steak back 4 times one night before it was done enough that he accepted it. I don’t know why he ordered steak when he came in because he knew what was going to happen. He always tipped me very well because he said it wasn’t my fault that my boss was a jackazz. I think they enjoyed pushing each others buttons!!!

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