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Does anyone know the how many people watched Micheal Phelps last night on TV?

Asked by simone54 (7608points) August 17th, 2008

It’s gotta be one of the most watch events ever.

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The world. Why do people act shocked that they’re not the only ones who watched the Olympics?

I remember McDonalds used to buy everybody a hambuger when America won a gold medal.

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I have no idea what you are talking about :S

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@ lovelock. Yeah dude, what are you talking about? The whole thing you wrote doesn’t make any sense in this thread.

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actually i was talking about the thread :P

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Oh. You see. There was huge world wide sporting event called the Olympics.Actually it’s been going on for a few of years now. Anyway, there is this swimmer for the USA named Micheal Phelps. He’s pretty good. Last night he won his eighth gold medal. I think it might have been a record or something. So I dunno. It seemed like something that a lot of people might have watch on their televisions. I was just curious to know that exact number. It might be pretty impressive.

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Ragging on lovelocke? Stop it.
His direct answer to your questions was that
“the world” watched Michael (note spelling) Phelps on TV. He then went on to wonder
how anyone could ask such an odd question as yours. Of course anyone who possibly could was watching. Then, just to be friendly, he told you about how, long-long ago before
Everyone got a tv, McDonald’s would give out free burgers to celebrate U.S. gold medals. Is that really too complicated?
Lovelocke is so smart and fun.
Just pay attention and I think you can follow his train of thought.

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(Points at Susan)

There’s a good one now! Me so happy. Now I will stop following this thread… the stupidity is suffocating :(

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Would susanc get more respect if she were writing her answer naked on the toilet?

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No…. He said something about me being surprised that the whole world would watch it. I didn’t understand the attitude there.

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To answer the question, for at least the U.S., “NBC reports that the record breaking event had even more viewers as the 11:00p-11:30p half an hour over 40 million were looking on.” according to Neilsen.

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eight gold medal in total or in 2008 olympics?

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2008 Olympics. Fourteen total.

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Wow! that’s a lot! congrats!

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