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Democrats who respect McCain: Why did he run with Sarah Palin in 2008?

Asked by Yellowdog (12183points) May 9th, 2018

Just curious what you think. They don’t seem a likely President/Vice President combination to me.

I did not vote for them for this reason. It may surprise some of you to know that I voted for Obama because of the good feeling in the country and promise to bring people together. However, the McCain/Palin ticket seemed a disaster ready to happen from the get go.

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I was wondering why he paired up with Caribou Barbie myself, She comes across as a walking nit wit.

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According to what I’ve read about McCain’s forthcoming book, due out on May 22, he says he wishes he’d never picked her. He regrets not having gone with his own instinct, which was to select Joe Lieberman. I recall reading at the time of the 2008 campaign that he went with the recommendation of his advisors even though he had never met her; I’m not sure if I’m recalling that correctly, though.

I do remember the suspenseful buildup to his announcement of a running mate and then reading of his choice—and when I saw it, I yelled, “Yahoo! He just handed us the election.”

I’m hoping to see that he takes responsibility for that decision anyway and isn’t trying to blame someone else. We have enough of that going around. Being able to own up to your errors is still a trait of strength, in my opinion, and is worth more than being so cautious that you virtually never make a mistake.

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I thought it was obvious. She was a woman. They thought that would steal the females voting for Obama. A mistake similar to the DNC’s decision, to run Hillary vs Trump. Both sides thought that providing a female candidate, regardless of qualifications, or popularity, would get the majority of the female vote. A BIG deal. Both sides were wrong.

Palin was ,well maybe more qualified than Trump, but equally stupid, and good at making herself look so.

Hillary wasn’t popular. I can’t speak for others, but I didn’t trust her at all, and felt she didn’t really have an agenda past being POTUS.

I guess I’m saying the GOP forced McCain to run with Palin. Or, perhaps it was just extremely poor judgment on McCain’s part.

I’m actually surprised that there is no popular right wing conspiracy theory about it. If there is, I don’t remember hearing it.

@Yellowdog . It doesn’t surprise me at all, that you voted for Obama. You’re a smart man.

What surprises me, is that you support Trump. He seems like a terrible human, compared to you. Your advice in non-political threads, shows you are compassionate, thoughtful, and intelligent. I will never understand how such good people are supportive of Trump. That’s not meant as an insult brother…

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{{{ Hugs }}}

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I believe that McCain was pandering to women. To capitalize on the support of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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Also he might like someone who makes him look good. Also he might have a thing for feisty women. His team probably appreciated her strong conservative values that she was shoving in everyone’s face as governor of Alaska.

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@MrGrimm888 Sorry I didn’t read the other answers. You are right.

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Palin was brutally unprepared, for the scrutiny, and public relations part of the job. In interviews, she seemed often clueless, and easily shook. Not good, for her potential job…

I don’t know how things would have been if the RNC chose her far sooner, and coached her up for months, or years. But she did very poorly, when on the spot.

Again, I find it relevant/interesting, that she was FAR more qualified for VP, than Trump was for POTUS.

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On paper Palin did not look so bad. She was young and female and a former governor. She was outside the establishment and outspoken, reinforcing McCain’s image as a maverick.

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Right, according to book excerpts, he didn’t want her, and was more or less forced to by the Republican establishment.

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On top of it, he had a bit of a crush on her.

He met her for a one on one for a bout a half an hour, having never met her before, after which he walked in to his aides and said, “She’s it, that’s my decision.” Aides say he was beaming like a school boy.

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He assumed we’d be dumb enough to blindly vote for him if his running mate was a female. I had planned on voting for him until he insulted my intelligence. In his new book he admits it was one of the worst decisions he’s ever made.

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He had a business deal to increase the market awareness of the Palin Character with the company that produced the “Nailin’ Palin” porno movie.

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Because he was the most mavericky of all the mavericks that ever mavericked.


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Everybody makes mistakes, and John has admitted that. He was probably trying to get more women’s votes.
The bullet hole in his foot has healed now…

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The way I remember it, she was forced on him by party muckamucks and he was initially vehemently opposed to the idea.

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Actually he chose her and I think they were friends for many years,

I am very disappointed at the hurtful things he has said in more recent years, probably for political reasons, when his death is imminent.

I never thought they’d be a good pair politically, but he needs to be focused on more real things, not politics. I understand that he and Trump have their differences, but his friends and those loyal to him he should not be mistreating

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McCain is a piece of shit. But he’ll die soon, and the media/Democrats continually praise him as a “maverick”. He’ll be dead soon, and the media has the music and graphics ready to go. Everyone will praise this asshole, just like the recent rehabilitation of war criminal GW Bush.

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How sad that anyone can feel pleasure in someone else death!!! Karma can be a bitch & I wouldn’t want her nipping as my ass!!!

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I for one don’t consider McCain as reprehensible nor ss ideologogically idiotic as what passes for routine conservative Congresspeople. McCain may be an instrument for the dark side, but at least he has the spine to resist those notoriously dishonest (and patently) stupid excursions common to his tribe. I would prefer to view his resistance as integrity, though there is a strong possibility that unlike his accomplices he would rather not be saddled with the labels of dishonest or stupid.

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