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I like this girl but she is too pretty?

Asked by TheWebofDreams (84points) May 10th, 2018

I really like this girl who I knew from way back in the day (I did not see her in that way back then but only because my and her families were quite close and) but she is an absolute stunner and that has stopped me from getting in touch. Cheesy I know, but she has got one of those cheeky catching smiles.

But it is not just that; it is hearing from people saying people in a similar situation ‘you have no chance with her so you should lower your standards’ which has damaged my self esteem.

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Have you ever seen Billy Joel and Christy Brinkley? If not, look them up.

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Faint heart never won fair lady. What have you to lose? Go for it.

The people who say “you have no chance” are too scared to talk to her.

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Why not atleast try once rather giving it up? You’ll have the satisfaction that you tried. Otherwise it will kill you afterwards why you didn’t give it a try once. Who knows she’s not going for looks alone but the person inside and you could be that person. Do it only if you’re able to accept failures gracefully. I won’t recommend if you’re a bad loser.

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You might be surprised. There was a time when I didn’t realize that there can be debilitating consequences to being too pretty; consequences just as severe as those resulting from being saddled with some hideous deformity. She knows you already, so ask her “What’s it like, living your life with everyone staring at you?”

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The hardest thing will be overcoming the nervousness that sometimes happens if the girl is exceptionally pretty

Everyone, even the exceptionally attractive, turn out to be quite ordinary once you get to know them. Sometimes they are not even fun to be around. No matter what you think the odds are, if you have a mediocrity of confidence, a good voice, and can be a great personality, you have a good chance.

Read up some on the internet on how to make a girl like you or how to be more confident, IF YOU NEED TO. The advice is usually helpful

Go for it

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I have often been told that I look like Sloth from The Goonies which has damaged my self esteem. I know that I have a baby fat face.

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^^^^ Given that picture, you would do yourself a favor by shaving and combing your hair. If you are trying to woo somebody, you need to demonstrate some self respect in the grooming department.

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@Yellowdog Your answer reminded me of an old quote:

“No matter how good looking she is, somebody, somewhere is sick of her sh*t.”

But, just to keep in in perspective. Back in the day, during a trip back to my home town, I ran into a woman who had been beautiful when we were in high school, and still was for that matter. We had not been close, we ran in different groups, but we knew each other enough to spend about thirty minutes over a drink. During the conversation she mentioned to me how she had been lonely sometimes because “boys” were afraid to approach her when we were in school because, she thought, they were intimidated by her looks and did not feel like they would have a chance. I told her I had been one of those boys.

So, take the chance. You never know and even if it doesn’t work out a short time of minor embarrassment that might ensue is worth the risk.

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You are cute! Groom yourself a little more. Keep a neat trim beard and hair. Trim up the eye brows. Dress well. Hoodies and pants that hang off your body will only draw a certain kind of girl that likes bad boys.

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Try. You can only succeed if you try.

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It’s scary, but it’s true.
Go for a women you perceive to be “out of your league,” you may surprise yourself.

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This is an old pic, but I was thinking of getting the v cut.

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I don’ t believe the the words “no chance”

For starters…love is BLIND & love has NO boundaries!!! No matter how ugly someone is, when love hits, they are gorgeous in the eyes of the person who loves them!!!

NEVER think “never”!!!

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@zenvelo I do NOT see Sloth when I look at that pic!!! The ONLY thing I see as a negative is that there is NO smile & the eyes look sad. I disagree with those who suggest you cut the hair & get rid of the facial hair. I find the facial hair sexy & the haircut fits the overall look. Find a way to build up some self confidence (YOU are the ONLY one who can do that) & you could become the TOTAL PACKAGE!!! Begin by finding your smile which can help your eyes look happier. The eyes are the window to the soul!!! Who knows, maybe she’s secretly hoping that you’ll ask her out but thinks that you have no interest in her.

You’re NOT being fair to yourself. You’re accepting a NO when you’ve never asked HER the question. She might say YES!!!

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Finally looked at your picture, Original Poster TheWebofDreams

Trust me, you’re pretty dam good looking. The facial hair is a good touch (doesn’t work for most people but does for you) and you don’t need to get rid of it.

Go for it.

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Thanks guys, BTW, I am thinking off getting a v cut.

Does it look like I have a underbite?

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Have you asked her out yet?

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STOP looking for your faults. You’re fine JUST LIKE YOU ARE!!!

STOP fishing for compliments, LAST one I’m passing out!!!

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