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Is it advisable to buy downloadable textbooks, and if so, what's a good service for this?

Asked by monsoon (2505points) August 17th, 2008

I’ve heard that there are sites where you can pay either a set yearly fee (ex. $150 a year), or per book, and download your textbooks to your computer. This sounds awesome, but I’m afraid that I’d get a service like this and then have half my books not be there anyway.

If it matters, I’m a third year psychology student.


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To be honest you should try looking in to… i saved a good 300 on my books for this semester. The reason I think they’re the best is that they compare many items at once, and calculate the best combination of stores to buy at, including coupons and shipping. They also let you include or exclude international editions, and they let you choose the ship time and then calculate the lowest price using the right shipping type at every store. Pretty neat!

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