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If you try to search Spontaneous Cerebro-Spinal Fluid Leak" how do you search it?

Asked by flo (13313points) May 11th, 2018

I got the following:
•Spontaneous Abortion (Miscarriage Causes and Symptoms)
•Spontaneous Pneumothorax (Pneumothorax)
•Sporadic Swine Influenza A Virus (Swine Flu)
It doesn’t include Spontaneous Cerebro-Spinal Fluid Leak, or however the ones that don’t include the word “Spontaneous” have it
Is the reason that the following condition is not there because it’s misnamed (i.e the term is really Cerbro….. spontaneous or not)?

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Searching on “spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid leak” brought up several valid results for me.

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Leave the hyphen out. It seems that Cerebrospinal is used as one word. I also received several hits as CSF Leak. You might want to look at this one from the government…

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I copied your exact words, “Spontaneous Cerebro-Spinal Fluid Leak,” pasted it in Google, and got a valid result.

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Just noticed that of any if the results I’ve received that none included the word spontaneous. So try without using the word Spontaneous

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Do you have this @flo ?

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Thanks all.

I was wondering if it’s the brain fluid that’s leaking out, (and the lady in the news had it for a long time) does it affect the brain power? If not why not?

@chyna No, I don’t have this condition.

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It can occur due to head injury or birth defect. Yes, one woman thought she had chronic sinus dripping down the back of her throat. It turned out it was spinal fluid. The greatest risk in this situation is infection. It’s not normal to have an opening at the base of the brain, top of the spinal column. This woman had been in a car accident and hit her forehead on the dashboard. Its was not ‘Spontaneous’. Here is the report from CNN.
I have this one filed under ‘weird medical conditions’

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