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Tips for getting organized?

Asked by hearkat (22907points) August 17th, 2008 from iPhone

I’ve been in a major slump, and need to get organized. Most of the accumulation is paperwork, because I don’t know what I need to keep and what I can trash…
For legal / tax purposes, what documents must be saved and for how long?

Also, I have old 3.5 floppys and software for old computers (mostly old Apple OS)... I hate the thought of it piling up in a landfill; What else could possibly be done with them?

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Organizing From the Inside Out is probably worth a read.

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Pick one project at a time and focus on only that…..once that is completed pick another. Otherwise you will feel overwhelmed. Also, start small and slow w/ something you can easily accomplish so that you will be inspired to keep going.

Check out the local library—- there are a ton of great books on organizing and “letting go” of stuff you only THINK you need…..

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The only thing that’s helped me deal with paperwork has been Getting Things Done.

You need to get rid of those old things, stat. It weighs on your psyche. Try recycle floppy disks on google.

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Here is what the IRS says about how long to keep tax records.

For sorting, create three boxes: Throw Away, File, Action Items. Only touch each piece of paper once and put it in one of those three boxes.

Good luck.

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That is neat-looking, mcbealer!

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