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Do you see a US backed, Israeli, war on Iran soon?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (16901points) May 11th, 2018

US declared Jerusalem, official capital of Israel.

US pulls out of Iranian nuclear deal.

US enforces “toughest” sanctions, on Iran.

US claims Iran is the biggest contributor to terrorism, in the ME.

Israel attacks multiple “Iranian” positions, in Syria.

US executive branch, declaring Iranian desire for nuclear weapons, with hostile intent.

Netanyahu ramping up anti-Iranian rhetoric. As if he needed to…

Is this a propaganda push, towards a war?

I remember similar propaganda, before the 2nd Iraq War/invasion…

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I also think Trump, would love the distraction, and approval ratings…

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Israel is worried about Iranian influence in Syria. Netanyahu has been meeting with Putin to try to put pressure on Iran. Trump’s intention of pulling out of Syria has made the U.S. irrelevant.

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I would ask it differently.

Now that there is no US influence on the Iran treaty, how long will it take Hesbullah and Iran to attack Israel?

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Well, I guess we are about to find out how far Iran has gotten with its nukes.

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Oh we are heading for some real interesting times.
I hope not but with ole Orange hair at the wheel, you never know.

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Didn’t we just go through this with N. Korea? You all predicted nuclear war and not only didn’t it happen but we’re closer to peace than we’ve been in decades. I guess being totally wrong doesn’t slow you down. ‘Blinded by hate’ seems to be the best way to say it.

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The Korean deal is still incomplete. We will have to wait to see what happens. The North Koreans are sending out two conflicting statements. On the one hand they are saying that they have achieved their nuclear weapons goal. On the other, they are saying they are willing to denuclearize. Was achieving their nuclear weapons goal just an academic exercise? I don’t think so.

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@Jaxk . I’m envious of someone who lives in a world where nuclear weapons aren’t a big deal. It should be noted that your typical pessimism, is replaced by optimism, when it comes to anything involving Trump. I’m sure glad that we can guarantee that the problem with North Korea has been permanently solved. Before the meeting even takes place…

You should look down. Your bias is showing…

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Let’s see, the predictions were nuclear war. I’m pretty sure that didn’t happen. I would have noticed. We may not get complete de-nuclearization. In fact I skeptical. Nonetheless, some positive things have already happened. Hostages released and they are dismantling a nuclear test site. Optimistic or pessimistic, those developments are positive and put us in a better position than we were a few months back.

Scream all you want but your predictions haven’t panned out and in fact seem to be completely ass backwards. Just an observation.

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@Jaxk oh good grief Trump has always stated using nukes was always on the table.
I know ya love the guy,and what he has done for the wealthy class, but come on both him and ole Kim whats his name talk a lot of trash talk.
Maybe you can see how that makes us low life working slobs a little nervous ?
Could you point out any of the wonderful things ole orange hair has done for the working slob?

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Apparently you haven’t been paying much attention so let me help you out just a bit. Wages are rising again and that’s taken a while. The tax cuts have helped pretty much everyone. And let’s not forget the limitation on useless regulations. While not as obvious the regulations kill everything.

Those are the easy ones that everybody should be able to recognize. Let me guess, you didn’t notice them.

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Where what jobs have seen wage rises?
I haven’t noticed the tax cuts helping the working slob at all ,just the wealthy like Trump’s son in law that will save something like 14 million a year.
How much is the working slob that makes 45thousand a year going to save?
I know you think any and all regulations are just put in place to stifle big business, but big business cares nothing for the planet or the working slob, and a lot of those regulations were put in place to protect them,because big business isn’t going to do it.
So your right I didn’t notice them.

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There was no Iran “treaty” No branch of the U.S> government voted on it. Nothing was signed on either end. Nothing was ratified.. Iran didn’t stop building his arsenal. Under Obama, we would go to war with Iran against Israel under the deal, and we were giving Iran a lot of money. But nothing was voted on signed, or ratified.

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My understanding is that Iran handed over 90% of it’s uranium. It was also not allowed to enrich uranium, to even close to weapons grade. All reports I have read, or heard of indicate that Iran was allowing verification of their compliance, and were upholding their end. The deal would have prevented Iran from developing nuclear weapons for 10 years.
Obama didn’t start ANY wars, in two terms. Claiming that he would have gone to war with Israel, over a country that we just began a diplomatic relationship with, ridiculous. I have to believe that you are aware of that.
If you think this does anything other than weaken the US’s global power, and potentially harm any/all future negotiations with every country, you are kidding yourself. The fickle negotiations with North Korea have to have been set back here too. Why would anyone make a deal with the US, when we broke our word?

@Jaxk I asked a question. I did not make a “prediction.”
You are correct, that some positive things have occurred.

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Obama didn’t start ANY wars? Are you serious?
He launched airstrikes or military raids in at least seven countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan.

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Iran’s obsession with destroying Israel and Jihad against the United States began in 1979 after the violent Islamic Revolution empowered radical fundamentalists committed to dominating the Middle East. The various groups have been chanting Death to America and Death to Israel, and burning our flags. since 1979.

Iran’s hatred of Israel and America has been the foundation of its foreign policy ever since. The State Department recognizes Iran as the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. For decades the world sought to isolate Iran and curb its terrorist activities and nuclear weapons ambitions through economic sanctions.

These sanctions were lifted by Obama, who also released terrorists and gave Iran planeloads of cash and over 150 Billion dollars

While President Obama was in office, Obama decided to lift those sanctions in exchange for promises that Iran would halt its nuclear weapons development. Other world leaders followed because they wanted to make deals on the lifting of economic sanctions. Since the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) also known as the Iran Deal was implemented, Iran’s aggression against Israel and America has increased. Enriched and emboldened by a fresh influx of over $100 billion to its government, Iran poses a greater danger to both Israel and America.

President Trump declined to certify the Iran Deal in October 2017. At the time, the President cited multiple violations by Iran to show that the Iranian regime was not in compliance with their end of the deal. This evaluation was recently confirmed and further proven by the revelation of over 100,000 top secret Iranian nuclear files obtained by Israel.

There is photographic proof and evidence even from satellite imagery

President Trump told Congress in October that they would have six months to fix the many flaws in the Iran Deal negotiated under President Obama or he would unilaterally scrap the deal, and this month’s scrapping of the deal marks the end of that six month grace period.

The flawed Iran nuclear deal contained loopholes that allowed Iran to avoid international inspections of their nuclear facilities and openly continue working on intercontinental ballistic missiles while fully funding their international terror campaign, all of which rendered the 2016 Iran Deal inert and worthless anyway. The Iranian regime made a mockery of the United States and the five other signatories to the JCPOA agreement, knowing that the agreement was based on blatant lies and unenforceable terms.

As former members of the Obama Administration now admit, they knew all along that Iran was lying and hiding its nuclear weapons program, there was no basis upon which this deal could have ever been successful. All it did was give Iran relief from crushing international sanctions that were putting pressure on the regime to give up its support for terror and the pursuit of nuclear weapons, in exchange for hundreds of billions in new revenue and the freedom to continue working towards obtaining a nuclear weapons arsenal when the deal expired.

Every nation in the Middle East is concerned about Iran’s nuclear threat.

President Trump took the first step toward making the United States, Israel, and the entire world safer by scrapping the hopelessly flawed “Iran Deal” By withdrawing from the deal and starting over, President Trump showed he is committed to stopping Iran from ever acquiring a nuclear weapon. Now it is up to Congress to rise to the challenge of working with the White House to take all necessary measures to thwart Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

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As to the original question, which few have dealt with— I find it ironic that the original poster assumes that Israel would break the pattern and strike first in a war between Iran and Israel.

Israel has a reputation for striking back hard—sevenfold or a hundredfold—and wiping out the site the rockets were launched from, and other sites where airstrike or rockets could be fired from. but its never been the aggressor in the conflict. It has finished many a conflict the first time it strikes. But all it asserts is its right to exist.

Israel attacking Iraq, which is at war with the entire middle east?

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Correct @Yellowdog Obama didn’t start any wars. Military strikes, and special ops aren’t wars. That’s precisely why Obama chose to deal with those issues in that way. You’re putting a spin on facts. By your logic Trump started a war with Syria, and Russia, by calling in airstrikes.

Satellite photos are NOT evidence of nuclear weapons. Sorry…

Iran IS a threat to Israel, and Saudi Arabia. That’s why the deal was so great. It slowed their nuclear weapons program down. Something that can now only be done militarily.

You keep going on about the noney. You act as if it went straight into military budgets. You should be smart enough to know that the vast majority probably went to just several people’s pockets. They aren’t building aircraft carriers with that money.

Lifting sanctions opened a door for future diplomacy. Something Trump has now destroyed. And as I mentioned, he also seriously hurt the reputation of America, in any future diplomatic efforts. Even a Trumper should be able to see that.

The original poster suspects that Israel would attack Iran first, because they already have. They made preemptive strikes in Syria, and Iran.

The only thing Trump has done here, is hurt chances for peace, and endanger millions of lives.

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You explained it cogently enough that I DO understand your position and concede. But given the history of Iran’s aggression towards the U.S. and Israel, I wouldn’t trust them with anything, and the evidence I’ve cited (including thousands of documents) that they ARE developing ballistic missiles with nuclear warhead capabilities—and there is nothing to stop them from setting any desert they choose on fire by 2025, I don’t think we should be bankrolling them.

As for preemptive strikes, if your enemy. who has held your death as their core of all their values and creeds— is building something pointed at you that will launch ten thousand rockets—I’d say a preemptive strike might be a VERY good idea.

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Please don’t think that I support Iran. The country’s rulers are dangerous people. And I understand Israel’s motivation.

Nuclear weapons are a technological thing. The technologies exist, and making a nuclear weapon is simply a matter of getting ingredients, and following the recipe. It’s not really possible to ensure that a country permanently stop trying to build them. I don’t doubt that Iran was still pursuing nukes. But they were slowed down considerably.
In my opinion, Obama had increased the chances of diplomatic efforts with them down the road. After the deal was expired, we could have talked about a new deal. It could have worked, at preventing something terrible.
I am not a fan of the US giving them money, but we give SO much, to SO many countries, that I am OK with paying for preventing nuclear war. It’s not a great “deal.” But it’s better than where we are now. Now, military options are the only ones left…

Iran was actually one of the most peaceful, and influential places in the world. It is a historical wonder, and an important part of the human story. There are many great people living there, that have little to do with their leaders. It breaks my heart to think of killing so many innocent people, when diplomacy was making some headway. I imagine that many people, Israelis, Iranians, Americans, and whomever else gets dragged into a potential conflict, will suffer, or die, if the shit hits the fan. I don’t want that.
Trump just sees this as another deal. He either doesn’t care that he’s playing with the lives of millions, or he’s too ignorant to understand the ramifications of his actions.

Things like honor, are very important to those in the Middle East. We just pissed ours away…

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I sure hope not. There was apparently a recent White House meeting where war plans were discussed, involving as many as 120,000 troops should Iran attack U.S. forces or continue to develop nuclear weapons. This isn’t looking good. We know Bolton wants nothing more than the bomb the crap out of the country and institute “regime change”. You’d think we would have learned how poorly that generally plays out by now, but I won’t be surprised if we repeat history yet again.

Edit: I didn’t realize this question was from a year ago. I was going to ask a new question about Iran and this popped up; I assumed it was May 11, 2019. A year later and we’re still talking about war with Iran. :(

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Yep. There is growing tension. Several Saudi oil tankers were recently sabotaged. The fingers are pointed at Iran.

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