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Did you attend Occupy Wall Street?

Asked by ScottyMcGeester (1716points) May 13th, 2018

I didn’t. But I want to read stories about the event since I want a character in a book I’m writing to attend it.

What was it like? What did you see? Be as detailed as possible.

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No but here is Report from Zuccotti Park in Vanity Fair.

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Are you asking specifically about the protest in Zuccotti Park, or the broader Occupy Wall Street movement in general? A lot more people attended the latter than the former.

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As I’ve commented before, I believe in Peace & Love. To me, protesting, occujpying, etc only negates the Peace in my life.Even in my youth, I admired those willing to go out & protest; but, it wasn’t my cup of tea. I’m more te type to effect change from within!!!

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