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Does anybody have a favorite brand of deck stain/sealer?

Asked by canidmajor (14011points) May 13th, 2018

I’m in the process of prepping the old deck, and I’m almost ready to stain.
I know what to do, I know how to do it, but I’m willing to explore a different brand, I don’t even remember what I used last time.


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I don’t have a deck, so I personally don’t have a favorite; but, I do know that Thompson’s Water Seal is considered the Cadillac in my neck of the woods. They have a clear & a stain depending on your need.

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Try this one. It’s a step beyond Thompson’s. It’s a marine finish, and is UV resistant, waterproof, and very durable. Helmsman spar urethane.

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You should always use a mask.

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@Pinguidchance: “a mask” doesn’t give very good coverage, and isn’t very waterproof. ~

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@snowberry I like the idea of spar varnish for variable weather conditions, I’ll have to research how it will stand up to foot traffic.

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LOL @canidmajor the mask is for breathing protection if it’s sprayed on!

My suggestion is not appropriate for a deck because it’s shiny. But it would look great on hand rails and uprights. It’s clear, so you’d need to stain it first if you want color, or use a different product. It says it is NOT RECOMMENDED for floors.

Minwax® Water Based Helmsman® Spar Urethane is a crystal clear, water-based finish that is specially formulated to protect wood against nature’s toughest conditions.

“Contains UV blockers to reduce the sun’s graying and fading effects.
Forms a protective barrier against rain and moisture.
Special oils allow the finish to expand and contract with the wood as seasons and temperatures change.
Ideal for use on doors, windows, trim, bathroom cabinets, bar tops, kitchen countertops, outdoor furniture.
Crystal clear finish is ideal for use over light-colored woods and stains.
Dries quickly and cleans up easily with warm water.“

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Haha, @snowberry, I knew what he meant, it was a pointless remark that did not address my Q.

I used to have a small business doing yacht detailing, so I am very familiar with the marine products. Your post gave me some ideas about possibly incorporating some into what I do. :-)

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When it’s dry, it still looks wet. I bet you already had an idea what it would look like.

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Yeah, pretty much. :-) But the appeal of a salt-and-weather-resistant product is high, I live in a coastal town.

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I have a similar problem. My deck is a mess and needs a revamp. The unit above me has a deck that dumps dirty rain water on my deck and they say it’s MY problem. They used communal funds to install a solution for the building, everyone except my unit, and they sent me a letter saying that I had wished to not partake in the solution. (Um… no.) The people in charge of the communal funds are the same people whose unit is responsible for the water leaking on my deck. The boards are rotting and turning green. I like the idea of using a sealant formulated for boats. I’d also like to seal off the draining so that water just builds up on their deck. That would be cool to watch. Oh,... I forgot to mention that the drainage and gutter system they installed enabled a rat to climb up and get into the ventilation system and the damn thing died in the oven vent in my apartment.

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Um, time to move! What a bunch of ne’er do wells!

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