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How can I track errors inside a called function?

Asked by iTony (202points) August 17th, 2008

My problem is that i made a static query class to have more security in queries before sending them. But i want to know if there is an error in the query to tell me on which file on what line, the query method was called. like this:

class QUERY{
public static $Result;

static function select($columns, $table, $fit=NULL, $match=NULL)
//make sure parameters are right type
(!is_string($table))? return false;
(!is_array($columns) || !is_string($columns))? return false;
(!is_string($fit) || !is_null($fit))? return false;
(!is_string($match) || !is_null($match))? return false;

(is_string($columns)? $columns=explode(”:”,$columns);

//security door
($fit!=NULL)? $fit=quoteSmart($fit);
($match!=NULL)? $match=quoteSmart($match);

//make a safe query
$query = sprintf(
(!is_array($columns)) return false;“SELECT %s FROM %s”,
implode(”, ”, $columns), $table);

if(!$fit==NULL && !$match==NULL)
$query .= sprintf(” WHERE %s=%s”, $fit, $match)

$sql=mysql_query($query); unset($query);
or throw new Exception(“Error in Line 36 in Query class ”.mysql_error()))
for($i=0; $i<count($res);$i++)
foreach($row as $key => $value)

return self::$Result;

then in another file i can make a called like this:

‘comments’, ‘CommentID’, $id);






as you can see the error is sent and gives me the error line of the query method instead of giving the the line and file where it was called. and I am trying to find a way of telling me that, but i haven’t and it’s frustrating me.
any advice or tips?

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Use exceptions

$query = “SELECT * FROM table”;

if(!$results = mysql_query($query))
throw new exception(mysql_error());

then you can use a try catch on that function


}catch(Exception $e){
echo $e;

that exception will contain the entire stack trace to tell you where the error occurred. Hope that helps.

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