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Say goodbye to Lois Lane?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30573points) May 14th, 2018

I remember Margot Kidder mostly from her role in Superman.

She had issues, but she was a decent actress. Passed away today at age 69


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Back then I thought her the hottest Lois Lane I was likely to see. She still holds the title. May she rest in peace.

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She was in Indiana Jones too. She had a very simple way of being pretty. I liked her voice.

I hope she journeys well…

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Good night, Lois.

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“She was in Indiana Jones too”
That was Karen Allen

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^Really?... You sure?...

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Well…. I’m still sorry she passed… My bad.

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I had no idea… In my mind she was only 40.

Her bio says she was the daughter of a mining engineer/explosives expert! I’ll bet her childhood outdoor picnics were a blast!

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69? Time does pass.
So do we.

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She will always be “the” Lois Lane to me.

Has she done any acting recently? I hadn’t heard her name in a while.

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