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Have you ever been embarrassed by your relatives in public?

Asked by rockfan (12925points) May 14th, 2018 from iPhone

And how did you react?

A few years ago I went on a cruise with all my relatives from my dad’s side of the family, and on the first day the waiters put up a really cool display of fruits and vegetables designed to look like a beach side party. Within minutes of lunch, my great uncle took one of the papayas and my great aunt took a large chunk of watermelon, ruining the display, which probably took a few hours to set up. I was horrified. My uncle replied, “Hey, I payed for the cruise.”

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Was there other fruits available ??
I can actually see both sides of your argument on this, and would be horribly embarrassed if there was that same fruit available , but if not can sorts see where your uncle was coming from as well.

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That’s one of those “Beverly Hillbilly” stories. It reminds me of the story about the noveau riche would be socialite who invited her country cousin to dine with her at a hoity toity upscale restaurant. After dinner the woman returned home and complained to the butler about being mortified at the behavior of her cousin. “The soup was served, and the poor woman attacked it immediately with her salad fork. I was so embarrassed, I dropped an entire handful of mashed potatoes.”

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Of course.

You handle it by realizing that people don’t critique you by what your relatives do.

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Gosh, you are lucky. I wish this was my parents only sin! One night my father decided to go sleepwalking, we were at that time living in a skyscraper. Off he toddled in his underpants outside of the door, caught the lift and went into the foyer. Security was shocked as it was quite a ‘to-do’ building. He was duly escorted back to our apartment, underpants and all (thank goodness).

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All I have to say is, I live on the South. Public embarrassment, by family, is part for the course. No love lost though…

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Every time I go to a restaurant with my step-father, he treats the waiter/waitress like servants, calls them with loud “PSST, PSST, MISS! MISS!”. Last time we went to a Thai restaurant, he tried to order food in bad Japanese (he’s from Tennessee, but first wife was Japanese).

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Funny, my dad is the complete opposite, he tries way too hard to be nice to the waiters, and sometimes it comes across as overbearing.

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Do kids count? When my son was about 5 years old, we were in a city that had a sort of public square with a fountain and some statues and memorials. He thought one particular memorial felt really nice, so he took his pants down and rubbed his bare backside on it. Broad daylight. Busy square full of people. His grandmother was there. Her comment: ‘I see what you’ve been talking about.’ Autism is a gift that keeps giving.

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