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If you were invited and could afford the airfare and other costs, would you attend the royal wedding?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30573points) May 16th, 2018

I wouldn’t. What about you?

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No. It would trigger my anxiety. I would not want to wait for hours for the wedding to be finished.

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I can think of many more cool things to do in London than watching a royal wedding.

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If I was offered a big pile of money then I would consider it.

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If I was invited, it would indicate that I would have enough of a connection to the principles to care enough to go. So, probably.

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I hate parties, I hate crowds, and I hate having to bow down to arbitary conventions on how to greet people and which fucking spoon to eat my soup with.
Forcing myself to do what I hate, all in the service to make some aristocrat snobs, who only have their positions by virtue of plopping out of the right vagina, make themselves feel more important and loved than they deserve to be, by padding the faceless crowd with my presence, AND paying out of the nose to do it?
Not a chance in hell.

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@ragingloli – tell us how you really feel

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I would totally visit The Rock’s oil massage party.
Even let him plough me.

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Now there’s a fantasy!

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I don’t care about it at all but if invited and money/time weren’t a concern, why snub an experience?

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Weddings make me cry & crowds create anxiety attacks; so I don’t go to local weddings & I sure wouldn’t use my time & effort to attend a royal event.

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I would only go if I was the groom.

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I would prefer to attend the reception…
or the bachelor party. I would like to pop out of a cake and plant one on Harry.
Shhhh, don’t tell my secret desire.

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If the wedding were close to home I’d love to go. I would hope to have a closeup view of the bride and groom and eat fantastic food.
But for a long flight or two? And having to get dressed up? No.

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Uh no!!!!

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They seem a nice couple and I wish them all the best but I have zero interest in attending their wedding.

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Although I don’t fly, theoretically, if I could get there, and I could afford it and was invited, I think it would be really fun. I’m an Anglophile, so that would fit right in.

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I’m more of an off-season traveler, I avoid the spectacles and giant festivals. I’d like to go London, rent an Airbnb flat in a modest neighborhood with train service, and spend a week living as a local, with visits to some of the highlights like the British Museum & the Library

I might do this in the fall or next spring.

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Oh ,I’d go. I really enjoy weddings, I would even try to catch the garter.

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I’m with @janbb, Sure why not?! I’m not that interested in anything about it, but we’ve watched the kids grow up, even across the pond, plus losing their mom, dealing with the divorce, so it’d be neat.

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I would attend, but not out of any love or admiration for the Royals.
An event like that might be fun, and provide many anecdotes.

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Probably not. But I’d sure frame and hang the invitation.

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No, crowds make me anxious.

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@chyna, I’ll bring you back a cupcake. ;-)

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Most likely yes if I am invited to the reception afterwards also. I hope I could bring a date with me. My husband, or a friend if he couldn’t make it.

I’m not in awe of the royal family, and I’m certainly not obsessed with the wedding, but being at the wedding would be a once in a lifetime thing, I love a good wedding reception, and while in Europe I would do some other traveling.

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No thank you. We are a two-hour train ride away and aren’t bothered enough to even watch it on television tomorrow.

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I thought it was over back in 1981.

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No. I don’t like weddings, or crowds, or dressing up. I’d rather spend my money on a solitude outdoor adventure.

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WHY would I want to fight the crowds to not be able to see anything when I could sit at home in my very comfortable birthday suit & have the best seat in the house???

Lovely ceremony!!!

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I’d like to ride in that blue Jaguar.

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It was a lovely ceremony; but I sure am glad that it’s over!!! I look forward to things getting back to normal.

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It was a nice respite from the horror from the day before.

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Prince Charles was shown at the wedding. He is the forgotten royal, even though he is first in line for the throne and Harry is sixth in line. Charles is not the most charismatic person, and his relationship with Diana did not help much. I feel a little sorry for him.

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I actually feel sorry for him too. Diana was not his first choice for a wife, so they both suffered because he couldn’t be with his first love. It’s good they are relaxing their out dated laws now.

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I saw a special about Prince Charles and his work. It was fantastic. He is so “green” oriented, and he also spoke about the beauty in nature, and what we can learn from nature. It was really such a lovely show. They asked him about possibly never becoming King, and he replied that it’s fine, that the alternative would be wishing his mother dead, which he certainly was not wishing for.

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Agreed—it was beautiful. I am not an advocate for the political scene but the Green Movement is so ‘Celtic’ in its roots, I’m glad to see the UK entrenched in its commitment to being stewards of the Earth,

I was a little annoyed by the constant, CONSTANT references to interracial marriage into the Royal Family. If its no big deal now (and it certainly ISN’T a big deal, especially in these times) then why did they keep on and on driving the point?

The Royal Family, even though thoroughly egalitarian, still exudes class,

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@Yellowdog I felt that way when Obama was elected. I understand the historical significance, and it’s certainly worth mentioning and discussing, but it went so overboard for me. I never thought of him as a black president, for me he was the president, or a president.

Regarding the royal family, I think it’s a big step, bigger than Americans voting in a black president, and I’m not sure how the royals would have been had it been the first born son marrying someone black, but I have to say that I don’t think of Meghan as black anyway. I would never guess she had a black mother. She looks so much like her mom, her features, they are both very pretty, but with fair skin her features did not have me thinking black in heritage. Her character on Suits has a black father, and at first I thought that’s really stretching it, but then I found out she does have a black mother in real life. The actor on Suits playing her father is darker than her real mom.

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It was so nice seeing pictures of Diana popping up on my Facebook feed.

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I’ve missed Di myself!!! I don’t do Facebook so I’ve not had the pleasure of seeing the feeds.

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Diana made hunting for a wedding dress without puffy sleeves very difficult. I had to settle on something a little puffier than I wanted, but I liked it ok. I was married years after her wedding, but that trend held on.

She did seem like a very nice woman, loving mother. Sad that she was aware of her husband love for another. It must have been quite difficult.

My aunt used to tell me I looked like Diana. She was the only one who used to tell me that.

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I can’t imagine how difficult it was to know your husband doesn’t love you & still be faced with the woman he does love while trying to be poised, smiling, & carrying on in the face of the world as IF nothing is wrong. In my eyes, she was a saint & I’ll NEVER forget the morning I woke up to hear of her death!!!

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I still am angry about her death. I fault the people in the car more than the paparazzi, but I do fault them as well. Such a tragedy.

Lots of women hold themselves together in public knowing their husbands are screwing around with other women, or knowing their husbands aren’t enamoured with them. It doesn’t make it ok or easier, but it’s not as rare as one would hope.

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I had to face it with my first husband; but I didn’t have the whole world watching me…just a bar full of drunks waiting on a cat fight!!!

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