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Whats the point in life?

Asked by Akame009 (228points) May 16th, 2018

I mean when you boil it down to a nut shell you: wake up, go to school, go to work, home, sleep, and repeat. Then you go to college. Same thing. Graduate college. Wake up, go to work, come home, go to bed. Wake up, go to work, come home, go to bed, repeat. So..whats the point?

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It’s the little things between all that ,that make it worth while.
Hanging out with friends, finding love,exploring the world, creating things,helping people,that sorta thing takes your mind off that you are nothing but a wage slave here to make the wealthy richer, while they pay you dirt and expect you to be happy about it.
That is the point of life.

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You do all that routine stuff NOW so that one day you WON’T need to do all the routine stuff.

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But whats after that? Wake up and idk garden or something. In a sense..its still a routine life

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Go for a walk and look at all around you, and be amazed. There is a whole universe of wonders available to you! Connect with that and you will feel the connection inherent in everything and be in touch with joy.

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Well if you do something meaningful at your work then there is a purpose in the work itself. I have always felt value in the work I’ve done, no matter how mundane, it’s a contribution to other’s lives. And of course there’s always the other stuff in between that @SQUEEKY2 mentions. I think the point is to find a way to meaningfully contribute to humanity in some way and to work hard towards that goal, while taking pleasure in the satisfaction that you’re doing your small part to make the world a little (or possibly a lot) better off.

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It’s THE great question. And you can waste your time trying to figure it out, or snatch all the pleasure and enjoyment you can in the stingy time allotted you. My guess is that we’re put here to learn, and harm as few of our fellows as possible in the process. But you don’t want to ponder this sort of thing too closely, for fear of running into distracting imperatives claiming priority over your own requirements for self indulgence.

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Good for you! You are developing insight and wanting more from life. Keep us informed.

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The beauty of life is that it has no point.

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There is no point. To assume there was/is would be to assume that there was/is some entity/force that had planned/guided it, which there isn’t/wasn’t.

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From my perspective, at 45 years old, life has new opportunities every day, which is pretty exciting. What those opportunities are depends on you and your outlook. Do you want to make the world a better place? Is there a cause you’d like to devote yourself to?

If you believe that the mundane is dull and boring, go visit a chemo ward, or a nursing home, or a senior center, if you have half your wits and your body functions correctly, you’re better off than many people. Be thankful, go for a run, go volunteer, call your mom and tell her you love her, go fall in love, go get stupid with your friends, but whatever you do, don’t waste it!

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Producing offspring.

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@ragingloli If that were my only ambition in life, I’d give up! Gross, we are not brood mares! I’m going to hope you were joking lol

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Breeding is the biological imperative of all life.
All activity is in service to that one goal.

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I buy tons of worthless shit at garage sales so my kids have a huge mess to deal with when I die.

Oh, that is my mom.

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“The world is round; it has no point.”
—Adrienne Gusoff

Life is what you make of it. The world doesn’t provide you with a ready-made point or purpose. It doesn’t deliver meaningfulness to you by hand. All you get is an opportunity to find some point or purpose or meaning in the time you have. But whatever point, purpose, or meaning you find there is ultimately your creation.

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“The world is round; it has no point.”
—Adrienne Gusoff
“If you zoom out far enough, the world becomes the point.” – some guy

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@ragingloli You animal….lol
(Still assuming you’re joking, for the love of all that’s holy I hope I’m right.)

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I am German. I do not make jokes.

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There is no actual point. Life is what you make of it.

Do you want to be happy, useful, make money, be helpful to others, be ceative, be a contributing member of your society, be an innovator?

There is no inherent meaning (as pre-ordained by a supernatural being, or religious God, at least not in my view/opinion) but that doesn’t mean that life has no meaning. You give your own life meaning. People who you love, and admire, give your life meaning. Everyone’s life is different. Having an “inherent, pre-ordained meaning” is irrelevant to living a good life.

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@KNOWITALL I think @ragingloli is being serious.

Think about it. Why is animals and human’s survival instinct so strong? Why do male animals fight so hard for females or have prominent features just for mating dance? Why do some animals die right after they mate or give birth? Why is sex so appealing to human, to the point of having the potential of ruining life?

Calling it gross as you want, but they all serve one purpose: to ensure the production of the offspring. It’s the default goal of all life.

But this is also where human starts to stray away from animals. Human still has that primal urge to produce offspring, but he has the ability to choose what to do with it. He can let that urge turn him into an animal, or he can choose to ignore it and focus on things more meaningful to him, or he can incorporate it into making things better for everyone (like impressing a girl by turning himself into the best person he can be).

Like a computer software, life has its default settings. It doesn’t mean you have to go with it. You can change the settings to fit your preference.

And OP, you can enjoy life all the ways you want, but if you want to achieve greatness, routine is the way to go! Every creator of new things stick to a strict routine when they make their creation because motivation isn’t enough to keep their projects going. And that’s why we have all the things of the modern world.

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Good music, the scent of a forest, the sight of waves, chocolate, cheese and coffee.

And pillows. Lots of pillows.

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@ragingloli “If you zoom out far enough, the world becomes the point.” – some guy

All that tells me is that giving up all perspective leads to false conclusions. No argument there.

@Mimishu1995 “Why is animals and human’s survival instinct so strong? Why do male animals fight so hard for females or have prominent features just for mating dance? Why do some animals die right after they mate or give birth? Why is sex so appealing to human, to the point of having the potential of ruining life?”

Because those traits survived the merciless thresher of evolution (either by being conducive to survival or by not being sufficiently inimical to it). But a biological imperative is not the same as an existential point or a purpose, and it is fallacious to conflate the two.

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I don’t know. I still haven’t found it yet.

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I think it’s up to each of us to discover and answer for ourselves.

What do you love?

Many people find many different sorts of points.

(A spiritual outlook that makes sense to me is that we’re here to work on karmic issues that are relevant to us. But if that doesn’t already make sense, it might take a lot of explaining and cosmological perspective-shifting to get.)

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Strive hard and relentlessly for excellence, do good things for others and have fun.

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@Mimishu1995 I just think it’s sad that we still teach girls, as a society, that that’s the goal of their existence. :(

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The Tubes would ask you, What DoYou Want From Life?

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Every time one wakes up from a good nights sleep, realize that many don’t have that luxury.
Go to School, be glad that you have hope by learning about life and how to live well in it.
Go to work realizing that again with high unemployment in this economy many would trade places with you.
With many homeless people starving on the streets they would not appreciate your ignorance .
Graduating from College or University is fortunate for those who have this opportunity.
The point is to live fully recognizing that you have this one life to learn and eventually teach others compassion and understanding of what a happy full life entails.
Life is a gift, don’t squander it by putting material things above human compassion to love and accept all.

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The point is know who you are. Know what makes you happy. Go with friends who see life in different perspective. Don’t focus on unimportant things. Spent time with someone you love too hang out like friends and family. Be CREATIVE,EXPLORE, DISCOVER new thing and hobbies. Life is great and believe in yourself you are unique.

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Life is what you make out of it!!! IF all you want is to Wake up, go to work, come home, go to bed…that is all you will get. Personally, I chose to spend most of my life having fun!!! I enjoyed being a social butterfly, meeting new & exciting people. I took up various causes over the years. I was never one to protest; but I was always working to improve the lives of those being used and/or abused. Even in elementary school I always protected the kids that everybody bullied. In my young adult years, I worked in an office during the day & was an entertainer at night. I met a lot of strange & entertaining people during those years.

For me, the meaning of life is to learn as much as possible. I did many things that I enjoyed at the time but would NOT want to repeat at this point in my life. Live & learn was my motto. NO time is wasted as long as you learn something from it. I can’t tell you what is best for you as that is something that YOU need to learn for yourself. IF you don’t try, life will pass by!!! On my deathbed I don’t want my final thought to be “I wish I had tried…”

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