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Can I grow jalapeno peppers from fresh seeds, not dried?

Asked by Call_Me_Jay (9944points) May 16th, 2018

For years I have grown plants from the seeds of dried up jalapenos I set aside in the winter and fall. I bought more than I can use, I set them aside and they shrivel into hard red fingers. In the spring I cut open the shells and shake out the seeds and grow plants.

In an April kitchen cleaning, I threw out my desiccated jalapeno leftovers.

Can I grow new plants from the seeds of my plump green store-bought peppers?

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I’ll say yes. In nature, the seeds are “planted” in the decaying pepper without being dried first.

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This falls under, stuff I don’t know about I don’t talk about, but I’ll follow out of desire to do the same.

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Yes you can.

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Thanks for the link.

I notice most grocery store peppers are ”...hybrid varieties which might have nonviable seed or which might grow into plants that don’t produce a similar quality of pepper.”

Reading that jogs my memory and I think I did have mixed results in the past.

I’m going to pick up a hot wax pepper. I had great results with those seeds before.

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@Call_Me_Jay I hope you get some yummy peppers from your seeds. If you want to try again, with potentially non-hybrid plants, when you want some more peppers, get some from your local farmers market. Yum, yum!

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Doh! I discovered I have a packet of Hungarian wax pepper seeds. I could have started them weeks ago with my basil.

“70 days to maturity.” So peppers in July if all goes well.

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