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Any volunteers to walk Meghan down the aisle?

Asked by Yellowdog (12183points) May 18th, 2018

Any takers? Nobody is doing it yet. Maybe they will read this question and select one of us,

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Prince Charles is going to do it, But I would be willing to, as long as I get to kiss her at the altar.

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If it is going to be a member of the royal family, which I don’t think it should, Prince George would be a much better choice.
I think if not Megan’s family, the choice should be an American.
The one job about walking a bride down the aisle is the question, “who gives this woman to be wed?”
I think a Suits producer or a cast member would be appropriate, since she is leaving show biz to wed.

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For the same reasons I don’t care to attend the ceremonies, they are doubled for walking her down the aisle!!!

I don’t walk well even on my good days; so, I could just hear the press & the trolls when all eyes are on Meghan & her escort!!!

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@Patty_Melt I love the idea of George doing it. He’d add some class!!!

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Prince Charles is going to do it. Who could top that??

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@kritiper Meghan’s dad could top that. While Prince Charles makes the headlines, a bride just wants her dad to escort her down the aisle, if she respects him and it is to be a traditional wedding.

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I would do it but not if I had to give her away afterwards.

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Well, it has begun.
Those Brits lost the war.
After much deliberation they have decided to reclaim the blasted rebels one by one.

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I could dress up as the Orangutan and…

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I am now wondering…since Meghan’s Mother was there, why couldn’t she have walked the bride down the aisle???

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Why again did her father decide not to do it?

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@jleslie Meghan‘s father just had heart surgery. He was not physically able to be at the ceremony and perform the ceremonial obglications.

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^^That’s a shame. I gad seen photos of him in TV, and I wasn’t sure if their was some sort of other reason.

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@JLeslie Apparently Meghan has a unique family that doesn’t always get along. I don’t remember the specifics; but her dad was going to attend until he did something offensive & was uninvited. Then all of a sudden he was having heart surgery & couldn’t attend.

Just looked it up & according to USAToday “he had colluded with a paparazzo to stage seemingly ‘candid’ photos of himself preparing for the wedding.”. I’m sure this offended the Queen. When Meghan talked with him about it he laughed it off as “no big deal” & he was uninvited.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Well, yeah, that goes without saying. But Daddy wasn’t there so the next best pick is…

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I’ve NEVER been a fan of Charles even when he was the only male heir; so I loved the idea of that sweet cherub George doing it. He’s already 4 going on 44. He seems to have taken so well to understanding the duties he’s inherited by birth that I feel he would have handled that duty better than most adults.

My other thought was that since their marriage is being seen as progressive for the Royal Family, her Mother was there & in my eyes would have been the perfect substitute!!!

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